“Lunar Nodes and the Hero’s Journey” [Cosmic Bus #2327]

Any planet squaring the Nodal Axis poses a distraction to our evolutionary journey. But what is "evolution" anyway? Is it some sort of left-brain Darwinian perspective, a misconstrued destination of what modern man assumes to mean "survival of the fittest"? Fittest at what, exactly??

Who defines the terms of evolution if not nature (and her supernatural processes)?

Perhaps a linear progression isn't what it's about. With Pluto's square to the Nodes becoming exact, we are forced to explore alternative perspectives, something that goes beyond the cultural distortions of a solar, masculine, and left-brain dominant notion of progress and start looking at a more fluid and dynamic balancing of opposites, an equilateral exchange between them, and a holistic attitude of inclusion rather than exclusion.

Do we stand a chance amidst all this social rancour and extremity of opinion?

As the Nodes are about to shift from the TAURUS/SCORPIO Axis to ARIES/LIBRA, let's look at how the emphasis of our soul journey shifts, how we are affected by the PLUTO square (Jul/Oct), and examine a little deeper what these nodes even are... why do they mean so much to us, as students of astrology?

Join me here, and let's take a little tour on our cosmic bus.

Enjoy these select snippets (members, login below to view the entire 45-minute discourse):

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