“Finding Common Weirdness”: MOON CONJUNCT URANUS

Each of us has a unique ‘something’ in common with others, despite our differences. Find it in the next “weirdo” you encounter.

With the Sun in Cancer, the Moon dominates this month, and whilst many of us may find ourselves more in tune with our emotions, our tendency to take things personally, subjectively can cause havoc. Sure, emotions are important, but they don’t necessarily need to be the root cause of all situations or issues here.

They just tend to do right now…

Cancer is a water sign, famous for its intuitive and empathetic nature. During the last 20 days, and the remaining 10, the heightened emotional sensitivity of the Moon-ruled Sun makes us more likely to be more reactive to situations or interactions. It is true that emotions are complex and multifaceted, providing valuable insights into our inner world and guiding our actions, they must not be the sole determinants in the outcome of every situation. The dynamics at play must also be influenced by rational reasoning, communication, external circumstances, and the cues and actions of others.

“Taking things personally” is a natural response, particularly during a month when the Sun is in Cancer. However, be mindful of the potential dangers and pitfalls of taking things personally, as described by Don Miguel Ruiz in his book “The Four Agreements.”

Ruiz outlines that taking things personally is one of the main sources of suffering and conflict in our lives. When we take things personally, we internalise the words or actions of others as if they are a direct reflection of our worth or value. This, of course, leads us into a downward spiral of hurt feelings, resentment, and a distorted perception of ourselves….

The dangers of taking things personally lie in the fact that it puts us in a reactive and defensive state. Instead of responding objectively and seeking understanding, we become entangled in our emotional reactions, a lachrymose state of infantile paralysis which, when it hinders effective communication, leads to misunderstandings and strained relationships.

As I keep reminding us, we are in an extremely dire situation right now when anything can detonate a thermonuclear reaction. With Pluto in the game, we are exceptionally close to the razor’s edge. Things can cut deep, and it seems like we’re itching to find any excuse to be hurt

To counteract the dangers of taking things personally, let’s focus on finding something in common to connect with others. Finding even a shred of common ground will at least allow us to step back from turning everything into a personal attack. It helps us to see that people’s actions and words are often a reflection of their own inner world rather than a direct insult on us.

In the face of life’s horrendously tense woes, let’s remember that all 8 billion of us here share a common destiny. Recognising our limited time here (for one) should inspire some sense of kindness and empathy towards one another.

Let’s join forces to make the journey easier for our fellow travellers, illuminating the path with our best efforts. I’ll be along at our regular time (tomorrow), to discuss why this time is so damned tough and how we can at least steer through it with the minimum of turmoil and reactivity.

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  1. Cannot thank you enough for your guidance navigating these most interesting of times.. crucial, actually, to have found such a talented star guide to craft real honest sense outta madness these past few years. Thank you 🙏🏽 ✨