“Extraterrestrial Heat”: VENUS/MERCURY forming a YOD to NEPTUNE/PLUTO

Next few days are packing some extraterrestrial heat, so listen up…

If you dare step outside, just after sunset, you might spot VENUS, now stationary at 28º Leo. She forms a YOD (“finger of god”) opposite NEPTUNE/PLUTO, two of the most extraterrestrial known planets, currently locked in a sextile that’ll hold steady for another decade or so.

So, here’s where it gets really freaky. In just 24 hours, VENUS will be conjunct her innermost brother, MERCURY, right at the apex of this YOD, forming a celestial union that shuttles in interdimensional ideas, feelings, perceptions, and impressions, offering us a unique window to bridge the infinitely unknown mysteries of the universe with our own infinitely perplexing inner journeys.

Meanwhile, the first-quarter Scorpio Moon will have directly opposed URANUS, still in Taurus, holding a weird earthspace for these otherworldly transmissions…

All this is happening at 28º11′ Leo, not too far from Regulus (The Heart of the Lion). Regulus is a fixed star at 29°50′ Leo with an orb of 2°30′, meaning that its influence is strongest on planets within these degrees. Fixed stars are believed to imbue certain characteristics or energies onto the planets they come into contact with, which then manifest in some way in the individuals born under such configurations

Regulus is traditionally known as ‘the little king’ or ‘prince’, symbolises honour, power, and authority. It is associated with the healing archangel Raphael and characterised as one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Regulus, a star 4 times more massive than our own Sun, is said by ancient astrologers to grant the qualities of magnanimity, generosity, ambition, power-desire, high spirits, and independence. His powerful light transmissions could also cause turbulence, scandalous actions, and eventual failures or downfall, reflecting the journey of a great person suffering a tremendous reversal of fortunes.

In my observations, just as Regulus can be known to be a ‘king-maker’, it can also be a king-breaker….

This period is perhaps the most discombobulating period in known history. Since people stopped tuning into the one or two mainstream channels of narrative, the world has gone into a tower of Babel scenario where everyone is speaking their own language of experiences, beliefs, and perceptions. However, it’s in these times of perceived chaos that we can truly dive deep into the innermost recesses of our own consciousness and create meaning out of the seemingly nonsensical.

Ok, it’s awful. You’re bothered, confused and pissed off with everyone who’s trying to convince you that things are ok. Ok, that’s…. like, normal. Forget those guys, let them graze on their “grass”. Now you, you gotta understand that this is a super-inverted reality-tunnel, a reflection of the supernatural Neptune/Pluto sextile’s transformative influence. Just like it did in the mid-1940’s-1950s, amid the chaos, new, almost “alien” technologies are advancing rapidly, preparing us for a future where AI (non-human intelligence) plays an integral role in everything from healthcare to emotional well-being, while blockchain technology revolutionises all business/governmental transactions. But it’s not just tech – the sextile also incites deep introspective journeys. People (all of us) will begin to dig within themselves, rejecting superficiality in search of authenticity, fostering empathy and deeper understanding of each other. It’s a slow, trickle-down, silent metamorphosis that will leave an indelible mark and it starts with you, stepping off the main train and catching your own ride. So don’t be too bothered by the rancour and the turbulence. Make the most of it. Real growth happens at the fringes of your own discomfort. This is not your downfall, but your renaissance…

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