This next month, we feel the energetic shift since the Solstice Sun graduated into Cancer.

In our latest Cosmic Bus episode, Ang discusses the nuances of this year's Cancer season, the coming Capricorn Full Moon, with the cardinal/water season culminating with the Cancer Sun's opposition Pluto crossing the nodal axis at the anaretic degree on Sat Jul 22, 2023. This next month brings all our sensitivities and past traumas to the forefront to be dealt with with unprecedented urgency.

In the upcoming weeks, our Cosmic Bus journey takes us deep into the intricate dynamics of our inner realms. We delve into the sacred spaces of our homes, family connections, and ancestral heritage, uncovering the profound impact of early conditioning on our souls. In our Sol journey, we come to understand how our personal triggers, wounds, and the echoes of transgenerational suffering can become powerful catalysts for healing and transformation. We also shed light on the hidden influence of unresolved ancestral abuse and trauma carried across generations.

Join us for our first-part lunation report, where we discuss the main themes leading up to the Capricorn Full Moon of July 3 and all the other fun stuff that happens before then...

Here are some select clips from today's episode:

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