“Taking Flight”: GRAND KITE on the NODAL AXIS

[Art: Jason Freeny]

Whether or not you’ve ditched your most toxic habits, traits and accoutrements, this eclipse season has at least opened your eyes to what’s been holding you back from expressing yourself with absolute autonomy and freedom. For many, those who still base their reality on social conventions and expectations, this may be so frightening that they’ve shirked back under the covers.

It remains to be seen if you’ve got what it takes to live in a physical universe and still enjoy unrestricted access to live in sovereign freedom; exercise your inalienable rights. Actions speak, and you may be so stuck in your rigid ego-paralysis that it’s impossible to articulate anything but a catatonic stupor. As we said, a lot of fixed energy about… those who refuse to bend are gonna break.

Anyway, you (and all the die-hard, unwavering acolytes out there) are on the cusp of something explosively magnificent. Do something with it. Bee amazing. Nothing you’re clutching to is worth it.

See the majesty of the grand kite, soaring with the power of the Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis as its spine? See Mercury at its nose and a Moon-activated Saturn trining Venus in Cancer as its wings? It’s a symbol of grace and balance amidst the turbulent¬†forces of the universe. The Mars-Neptune trine only adds to its ethereal beauty, offering a calming influence that can help you rise above the tensions of the impending fixed grand cross. Use the dynamic force of the grand kite to lift you up and carry you away to new heights of spiritual understanding and enlightenment.