Darkness Before Dawn

Demons let off their foulest stench right before they are destroyed.

In the pits of our struggles, when it feels like all darkness has engulfed us, it’s wise to remember that the shadows loom largest just before the crack of light. This is true for those battling their inner demons, for it is in the moments before their vanquishing that they unleash their most ferocious, filthy and underhanded assaults.

It’s like that in our personal lives too, when we encounter the seemingly diabolical forces of our own psyche. Our lowest point must not be interpreted as evidence of our utter inner brokenness. Instead, it signifies that we are nearing discovering the light within ourselves. Shadows are mere projections that there is presence of light, and the more we shine, the more they reveal themselves.

As these hideous forces of darkness strive to derail us, we must acknowledge their vulnerability and just know that their most brutal attacks mean that we are close to exposing them, running side by side along our most rightful path. 

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