Ughh. This ain’t no ordinary mid-eclipse slump. This is a karmic smackdown of epic proportions, and we’re all feeling the burn. Freeing ourselves from the toxic karmic chains that have been holding us back in the Scorpio South is severely taking its toll on our vital energy.

As the Sun beams through the Taurus North, the Dragon’s Tail in Scorpio feels like an evil force tempting us to take the easy way out and resort to shady, unethical means to satisfy our most basic desires and explain our lousy habits. But let’s get real here. That kind of deranged arseholery only amounts to a meaningless existence, a trunkful of worthless spoils and untold irreparable harm. And now, with the nodes squaring Pluto, we’re at risk of major financial losses through extortion and fraud, not to mention nasty nodular (lymphatic) diseases.

Our Scorpio past is steeped in an insatiable lust to dominate and devour the power of others. We’ve become accustomed to toxic, gaslit relationships based on race, sex, and gender that serve only to stroke our egos and perpetuate exploitation. With the explosive Jupiter/Eris combo, it feels like we’ve been stuck in a constant state of emergency, dealing with one global crisis after another, entrenched in a cesspool of psychic turmoil and paralysis.

We’ve lost touch with reality, messing with biological nature and trying to create artificially intelligent deities. And let’s not even get started on our rampant mistrust of others and wild conspiracy theories. We may be all teetering on the brink of mass psychosis, and it’s got to stop.

If you’re feeling like the hot mess express, leaving a trail of destruction behind you, seeing everyone as treacherous bastards plotting against you, then it’s time to pause and take a long, hard look in the mirror. This Eclipse period is turning into a major wake-up call. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride, because the universe is about to unleash a truth bomb that’ll knock even the most oblivious and smug among us off our feet.

Whether you’re still stuck in the Scorpio tail of self-destructive trauma bonds or forging ahead toward the self-reliant Bull’s head, the time is near to break free from our transgenerational curse of power and control. It’s time to ditch our lust and greed and embrace the love and generosity we have for one another. Let’s chart a new course together and ascend a notch or two on the scales of human decency…

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