JUPITER/ERIS: “Survival of the Wisest”

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On April 24th, 2023, a rare and highly anticipated celestial event occurred when Jupiter aligned with the distant night goddess, Eris. Astrologically, Jupiter symbolises expansion, growth, and wisdom, while Eris is associated with widespread chaos and discord, fierce adaptation, and natural selection. When these two planetary forces align, it coincides with significant world events and shifts in the evolution of individual consciousness. This conjunction follows Jupiter’s recent alignment with Chiron, which astrologers saw as an important precursor to this event. A conjunction, which occurs when two planets align in the same sign, marks the beginning of a new cycle and is experienced as a time of heightened energy and intensity.

Jupiter and Eris come into conjunction roughly every 12.5 years due to Eris’s slow orbit of 557 years and Jupiter’s 12-year orbit. The most recent conjunction took place on April 29th, 2011 and coincided with several noteworthy events, including the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. Since Eris first entered Aries in 1922-1923, there have been eight complete Jupiter/Eris cycles, this highly spirited, most competitive of signs. As we approach the current conjunction, it’s worth noting that this marks the penultimate cycle to begin in Aries. The final one is set to occur in 2035.

This article aims to explore the mythological and astrological significance of the Jupiter-Eris alignment and its most recent historical context, examining its potential impact on individuals and society as a whole and understanding its role in determining the evolutionary course of humanity. We aim to gain some insights into the significance of this celestial event.

To begin, let’s take a look at the basic symbolism involved here:

Conjunctions in Aries:

The conjunction of any two celestial bodies is a moment of immense cosmic power and initiation. In Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, this power is amplified, as the sign symbolises new beginnings and a desire for independence from pre-existing conditions and ego-driven influences. This dynamic expression sets the stage for a multitude of thrilling possibilities, evoking a sense of anticipation and excitement.

The potency of this moment lies in its unpredictability and spontaneity, showcasing the pure expression of the new cycle without preconceived notions or agendas. It presents an opportunity to break free from the past and explore diverse experiences that lead to the realisation of the new evolutionary cycle. The mystique of this moment lies in its stormy and arcane nature, initiating the birth of a seminal new process of growth and evolution with the potential to transform our lives and the world around us in profound and meaningful ways.

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JUPITER: God of Gods

Jupiter, the king of the gas giants in our solar system, radiates an aura of benevolence and abundance wherever he goes. With his colossal gravitational mass, Jupiter commands great sway over the motion of all planets, even the mighty Sun. As the cosmic pontiff, his influence reaches far and wide, inspiring us to push beyond the boundaries of our mundane experience and embark on a quest to better understand the laws of nature and our place within the universe. In the fiery sign of Aries, Jupiter ignites our individual pursuit of truth, encouraging us to explore the depths of our own unique way of looking at the world, usually on our own terms. Through our intrepid view of life, we gain wisdom, cultivate our distinctive moral compass, and deepen our faith in the interconnectedness of all things.

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Yet, like any power source, Jupiter’s energy can have a darker side. His tendency to inflate and magnify can lead us to excessive greed, licentious indulgence, extravagance, and hubris. The old proverb “with great power comes great responsibility” is a cautionary reminder of Jupiter’s potential to drive us towards excess and immoral behaviour. It underscores the importance of acting with prudence and mindfulness, balancing Jupiter’s abundant energy with our own sense of wisdom and accountability. By doing so, we can tap into the boundless potential of Jupiter’s power while avoiding its grossly distasteful downsides.

ERIS: The Night Queen

Eris, a distant dwarf planet discovered in 2005 at the outermost edge of the Kuiper belt, remains a controversial yet potent symbol in astrology. Named after the Greek goddess of discord and strife, Eris represents a dark and elusive energy characterised by profound alienation, rejection, and banishment. This energy often stirs up intense feelings of envy, rivalry, and vengeance. Envy serves as the underlying motivator for both Eris’s positive and negative aspects, inspiring competitiveness and a drive for inclusion, but it can also manifest as spite, contention, and bitterness resulting from exclusion and even violence and all-out war.

Due to her ultra-slow motion, the challenges posed by Eris are chronically chaotic and terminally irrevocable, leading to long periods of utter chaos and discord, war and widespread disease, famine and pestilence; her powerful yet subtle powers over the collective can serve as a cultural motivator, pushing all humanity towards finding coordinated solutions toward self-improvement and driving us to reach our full evolutionary potential as a species.

However, the emotional impact of Eris can only be seen through the lens of psychoanalytic theory, particularly the concept of Freud’s “return of the repressed.” At the most individual level, Eris represents the surfacing of long-repressed, generationally disowned and unsightly elements in our subconscious that, if not given access to consciousness and the ego’s executive functions to work through them, can surface as neurotic or somatised symptoms. Generally, significant transits affect the entire mass of humans, as in the Eris-Pluto squares (2020-2022).

When it erupts, Eris’s disruptive energy can result in psychological crises and breakdowns as deeply repressed, transgenerational, or ancestral engrams randomly surface, accumulate en masse, and erupt into the collective consciousness. Eris can be particularly challenging for the collective ego to metabolise, as she symbolises women’s repressed rage at patriarchal oppression. This could manifest in various ways, such as the #MeToo movement, which brought to light the repressed trauma and rage of countless women who had been silenced for too long.

Eris’s impact extends beyond just gender-related issues, as she has a significant influence on various social and political issues, including those related to race, refugees, homelessness, unemployment, and LGBTQ rights. Eris serves as a potent symbol for all repressed, marginalised, and disowned elements in society, motivating us to confront and integrate these aspects to promote personal and collective growth and evolution. Eris represents the need for balance and rebirth in our lives and urges us to confront our fears and take an inner journey to our shadow side, the parts of ourselves that we may want to control or deny. When we suppress these aspects, they take on a life of their own in our shadow, draining our personal power and making it challenging to regain.


To fully grasp the intricate relationship between Jupiter and Eris, it’s essential to explore their mythological connection. Eris, the goddess of chaos and discord, was closely tied to the earth. According to legend, humans needed to acknowledge her to live well and bring out their best, or risk succumbing to their worst, most hideous traits. This ruthless contest for recognition underlines the importance of the earth’s natural selection processes, which can result in adaptive evolution or outright extinction. It emphasises the importance of accepting the earth’s periodic potential for chaos and disorder as part of her natural means for preserving balance among all applicable species on this planet.

One famous story that exemplifies the complex relationship between Jupiter and Eris involves the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Eris was excluded from the ceremony and feast because she was deemed too much of a troublemaker. In retaliation, she threw a golden apple into the crowd with “for the fairest” inscribed on it, sparking a dispute among the most elite goddesses as each claimed to be the fairest of them all.

Motivated by his desire to eliminate the idle and cultivate only the most enterprising, worshipful humans, Jupiter exploited Eris’s disruptive nature to further his agenda. Collaborating with Themis, the goddess of natural law and social justice, he persuaded Eris to throw the golden apple with its seeds of discord into the event, fully aware that it would unleash repressed tensions and conflicts among the elite goddesses. This ignited a bitter contest among them, eventually escalating into the prolonged Trojan War.

Interestingly, the Trojan War ended much as it started. By throwing the “seeds of discord” over the fence. From end to end, Eris had her hand in the whole debacle.

In Greek mythology, the humans of that time were believed to be becoming increasingly idle and decadent, leading to a decline in their morality and overall quality of life. Jupiter saw this decline and thought it necessary to cull the population to preserve the best and most virtuous individuals. The chaos caused by the golden apple was seen as a means to this end, as it allowed for a natural selection process to take place, weeding out those who were not competent or virtuous enough to survive the ensuing conflict. This belief in the need for natural selection is a common theme in many mythologies and is often used to justify tragic events or wars.

Eris’s ability to bring to the surface long-suppressed internal conflicts that have the potential to cause destruction makes her a vital agent in maintaining the balance of nature. She serves as Nemesis’s enforcer, the goddess of divine retribution and vengeance, punishing those who exhibit hubris, excessive pride, or worthlessness. Through her presence, she serves as a warning to those who seek to disrupt or not contribute to the natural order. For those who aren’t part of nature’s evolutionary plan, Nemesis’s retribution is sure to follow.

The complex relationship between Jupiter and Eris highlights the role of chaos and disorder in the natural order of things. Jupiter sought to maintain balance by culling the increasingly idle and decadent human population, and he believed the war was a necessary tool to achieve this. He manipulated Eris’s disruptive tendencies to create conflict, but ultimately, his arrogance and hubris could not overcome Themis’s commitment to natural law. Although the war claimed numerous lives, it served as a poignant reminder that nature has a way of restoring balance, and ultimately, perfect order will always prevail.


Looking at the most recent cycle of Jupiter and Eris in Aries, which began on May 5, 2011, we can glean how several important events that occurred at the time became seminal to the themes that have shaped our current world. Looking back at this cycle’s events can provide insight into the current state of affairs and where we may be heading in the future cycle. It’s essential to examine each cycle’s significance, particularly in terms of how it relates to the themes of excess, hubris and the chaos, and disorder that follows to restore the natural order of things. Let’s explore each of these events and their relevance to our present circumstances.

  1. Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (April 29, 2011): This signature event marked the beginning of a decade of deterioration and undermining incidents that have all but brought down the relevance of the British monarchy. Fergie’s snub from the wedding list could be an example of spawning the seeds of envy and discord, classic themes associated with Eris. The subsequent scandals involving the royal family, including the departure of ‘spare’ Harry and the unceremonious dumping of Prince Andrew due to his alleged sex offences, could be seen as a result of the need for natural selection and culling of the idle and unworthy, which are themes associated with the Jupiter/Eris.
  2. On April 30, 2011, during the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, President Obama made a comedic speech, which included cutting jokes about Donald Trump’s questioning of Obama’s birth certificate and belittling his reality show, The Apprentice. This incident reflects all the dynamics of arrogance, envy, and revenge of the Jupiter-Eris themes. Trump’s signature hubristic ego was humiliated by Obama’s remarks, seeding a campaign of revenge against the President, which culminated in Trump’s inauguration as US president on Jan 19, 2017, precisely at the exact opposition (culmination) of the Jupiter/Eris cycle.
  3. Death of Osama bin Laden (May 2, 2011): This event marked the end of a long period of international conflict and terrorism, which began around the conjunction of the previous Jupiter/Eris cycle in 1999. The killing of bin Laden could be seen as an example of Nemesis’s retribution, associated with global hubris and excessive pride.
  4. Syrian Civil War (started on March 15, 2011): Although a ceasefire proposed by Kofi Annan, which was intended to begin on April 12, 2012, failed in stopping the violence in Syria and by the end of the month, this ongoing conflict evolved into a prime example of the widespread chaos and disorder that Jupiter/Eris can bring to the surface. Over the next 12 years, the war would lead to the displacement of millions of Syrians throughout Europe and the loss of countless lives.
  5. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster (March 11, 2011): The monumental environmental disaster of our times was caused just before the Jupiter/Eris conjunction by a massive earthquake and tsunami. Although natural phenomena are part of the natural balance and order of the planet, it brought the destructiveness of man’s hubris into line at the end of April when it was discovered that officials refused to admit the extent of the nuclear disaster to sea life for weeks.

A NEW CYCLE 2023-2035

Collective/Cultural Shifts:

The penultimate Jupiter/Eris cycle brings to a crescendo the evolutionary initiatives that began about 100 years ago, heralding a revolution of a whole new cultural and societal paradigm. More and more during this time, outdated norms and traditions will come increasingly under fire, as societies rush to adapt to rapidly changing global conditions. Those that fail to acclimate may find themselves on the losing side of a process akin to Darwin’s ‘natural selection’, where advantageous traits are selected for and the less advantageous fall by the wayside, facing complete obliteration or extinction.

While predicting the winners and losers in this process can be difficult, history has shown that empires that cling too tightly to their faltering ideologies and fanciful concepts often fall to nature’s mysterious forces. Since Jupiter/Eris’ traditional “thinning out the pack” tactics – such as wars, famines, and disease epidemics – become less effective in the face of science, we may see the spread of more internalised forms of conflict and attrition setting in – ones that require individuals and communities to examine their own moral, ethical, and spiritual values.

Over the next 12 years, in the burgeoning age of the all-knowing machine deities, we can expect significant shifts in societal and cultural values, powerfully empire-quaking tremors requiring individuals to adapt and evolve more spiritually and holistically. In the age of information, the pressure to stay relevant and up-to-date with the latest insights and core values is higher than ever. Those who fail to adapt or update their beliefs risk being left behind, while those who can effectively leverage technology and innovation may thrive.

Across the board, this Jupiter/Eris cycle may serve as a significant turning point for those civilizations and empires unable or unwilling to adapt to changing times. It is up to individuals and communities to embrace these shifts and move accordingly, using them as opportunities for growth, prosperity and outright (inner/outer) evolution.

Personal Significance:

For the cutting-edge individual, this Jupiter/Eris cycle marks the beginning of a profound journey of self-discovery and evolution. In the face of complex and rapidly changing circumstances, we must be able to adapt quickly and effectively if we are to survive and thrive. By delving deep into our own psyche, confronting our repressed fears and limitations, and pushing the boundaries of our inner wisdom and adaptability to our environment, we can develop the tools and resilience we need to succeed in a constantly evolving world. Only by embracing this inner journey can we hope to maintain the cutting edge personally and keep pace with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Alongside this inner work comes the urgency to work on our relationships.

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In existing personal relationships, especially intimate ones, the Jupiter/Eris conjunction indicates a new period of increased rivalry and tension as partners may feel a heightened desire for recognition and validation, which could lead to arguments over issues of power and control if we are accustomed to a certain level of dominion. At the same time, repressed tensions and conflicts may rise to the surface, potentially leading to more frequent and intense disagreements. If not handled with care, these periods could result in a relationship breakdown or a power struggle that perpetuates the discord into the next decade.

If you’re starting a new relationship during this time, it’s possible that you may fail to suspect that the association is solely intended to completely rewire you or “wipe you out,” as you may be caught up in the heady excitement of romance and egotistical hubris of it all. However, if you consistently feel drained, unsupported, or manipulated in any relationship, new or old, it may be time to reassess its true purpose. On the other hand, it’s also possible that the relationship is testing your competency, forcing you to adapt your manner by emulating a trait you possess. By learning to master and mature your person, you may be able to turn any relationship into a valuable learning experience and emerge stronger and wiser. The key is to stay mindful of your personal needs and boundaries and stay true to your values, even in the face of potential challenges.

Career Prospects:

In the career arena, the penultimate Jupiter/Eris Aries cycle is expected to intensify the already cutthroat and competitive climate, particularly with the rising advancements in automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) replacing many existing roles in the employment marketplace. As machines become more proficient in performing complex humanoid-only tasks and perform executive decision-making with unerring precision, workers who fail to acclimate and acquire new skills may struggle to find their footing in the emerging new landscape. The pressure to compete with machines and keep pace with rapidly evolving technology may escalate rivalry and tension among coworkers as everyone contends for recognition and promotion in an increasingly overcrowded and uncertain job market.

Those capable of flourishing in tomorrow’s demanding environment will likely be those who can not only effectively leverage the power of technology and innovate in their respective fields but can stay in touch with the natural earth’s needs. Individuals and companies who can adapt to new technologies and acquire new skills will be in high demand as employers search for people who can assist them in staying ahead of the curve and maintaining competitiveness in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Additionally, under this penultimate Aries cycle, we may find enterprising ways to express our unique skills and services as self-driven individuals by more efficiently utilising new technologies and relying less on huge staff and labour personnel. The Jupiter/Eris conjunction may present an opportunity for workers to test their competencies, prompting them to develop new skills and adapt to the changing demands of their professions. However, this process of growth and evolution may be daunting as workers navigate the uncertainties and pressures of a rapidly changing job market. However the future landscape turns out, one thing is sure – those who are adaptable and open to learning will be better positioned to thrive in the coming years. It’s a time of both challenge and opportunity and by embracing the possibilities of innovation and skill-building, we can chart a course towards a more fulfilling and sustainable future.

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