MERCURY on SATURN (29°♒25′) – “HEADF*CK”

Nothing so brutal and tedious as the scrutinous investigations that delve into the technical and the complex matters that someone (whoops) may have slipped up or left unattended, leading to… well, the most monumental disasters anyone’s seen for a while.

And you’ve been made to feel like it’s all your fault!

Saturn (Mr Karma) now comes down like a tonne of bricks and responsibility, accountability and blame dominate, communication is curt and unfriendly, labour is excruciatingly tough, and relationships are shrouded with suspicion and doubt.

If you’ve been made to fear that you’re stupid or inadequate, had to compensate by working harder to earn the approval of authorities, told to trust less in your own senses and to listen to official narratives, follow arduous or incomprehensible directives, constrained by stiff edicts and mandates, bogged down by details and statistics and under pressure to shut up and follow the science, your mental frustration (and undulating guilt) is duly noted.

Good thing this is all at the anaretic, and it’s all about to end – ‘xcept nobody really knows how, and technically this is only the end of the beginning of the end before… well…

…well you don’t really want to know what’s next now, do you?

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  1. This is so Dead on…that I have no other words besides,
    Thank you 🙏