[image: Hugh Kretshchmer]

In a few hours, MERCURY will conjunct PLUTO at Capricorn’s notorious Anaretic (29º). This will be the 15th and final cycle to commence in the stodgy sign of the patriarch, and thanks to Mercury’s intrepid journey through Pluto’s shady underbelly, we’ve uncovered quite a lot about Big Daddy’s nocturnal exploits and sneaky bits on the side.

Of course, this last cycle should completely blow the lid on everything rotten, since Pluto at the last degree of any sign is really the last straw on top-secret matters. One gets the feeling that the last of our daddy issues might finally come to light, which could be a welcome thing or could just open up a whole new can of worms…

I must say, I feel most uneasy about the final conjunction of Mercury/Pluto in Capricorn. Not because I will miss the stern, disapproving voice of an authority figure… that sort of hypocrisy has long been exposed and by the end of this 12-month cycle, it will be impossible to take that crap coming from anyone. Besides, you cannot coerce anyone into a position that they themselves haven’t somehow submitted to accepting. And shouting back in angry protest at any directives we disapprove of has proven not to do a thing to improve our situation.

I’m most concerned, given that this is nearly it for Pluto in Capricorn, what sort of dystopian reordering is to follow when ‘His Shadyness’ steps into Aquarius; what kind of ingenious agenda do those “in power” have in store to govern over the hypnotised minds of Pluto’s minions, employing more ‘remote control’ strategies, and also about what kind of radical backlash might ensue.

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