“A BRAVE NEW EARTH” – The FULL MOON at 16°41′ LEO, February 5, 2023, 18:29 UTC

Astrologically, Full Moons are a time of heightened emotions, increased awareness, completion and release from obvious tensions. At the culminating phase of the Moon’s synodic cycle, opposing energies of the Sun and Moon are pulling apart, generating an inner-outer pressure that can bring hidden or repressed feelings to the surface, impacting our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and influencing our behaviour and critical decision-making. It is a powerful time for manifestation and is often associated with rituals of release, separation and celebration of our ability to work/play with others while maintaining our own point of view.


The term “Snow Moon” derives from the stories of Native American tribes who lived in areas with heavy snowfall. Also called the “Hunger Moon”, since food was so scarce during the harsh winter months, and hunting was more difficult, it was seen as a time of survival and perseverance when tribes would come together to support one another in the face of hard times and adversity. 

The concept of the Snow Moon as a time of resilience in the face of dire communal challenges can be applied to the current hunger for freedom and change in response to the ‘big freeze’ of today’s socioeconomic conditions. Just as the Snow Moon symbolises the endurance and strength of Native American tribes amidst hardship, it also indicates the resilience and determination of people everywhere fighting for freedom and reform in today’s increasingly harsh conditions.

The hunger for greater autonomy and an improved society is a testament to the human spirit and its ability to push through adversity in pursuit of a better future. Hence, it is inspiring to reflect on the Snow Moon as a symbol of hope and to draw on its energy as a source of inspiration and motivation in the fight for freedom and reform.



With the Aquarius Sun in an applying conjunction with its co-ruler Saturn, and in a separating air-trine to Mars out-of-bounds in Gemini, there is likely to be a strong focus on enacting and embodying the principles of individuality, innovation, and pushing of boundaries. 

The Aquarius Sun represents a desire for freedom and a departure from the status quo, while Saturn, now in his sunset period through the socially-distancing aspects of Aquarius, ingrains society with a relentless pressure to impose a new sense of structure and responsibility on the paradoxical ideals of ‘control through greater freedom’ or ‘freedom through greater control’.

The trine to an o.o.b. Mars in Gemini suggests that, whilst unruly, fiercely outspoken and wholly unorthodox, we must still make an effort to communicate ideas effectively and make progress through better systems of networking and collaboration. It is also a sign that we must approach problems from different perspectives and think outside the box, using all our innovative abilities and resourcefulness to steer through unprecedented socioeconomic challenges.

Due to retrograde, Mars has been in Gemini since August last year, finally moving into Cancer at the end of March.


When the Sun in Aquarius encounters opposition from the Leo Moon, the primal energies of conscious intent and instinctive reaction are pulled apart, almost irreconcilably. There can be an imperialistic struggle between the willful desire for liberation and independence, innovative reforms and humanitarianism (Aquarius) and the fierce need for personal recognition, creative expression and uncompromising autonomic rights (Leo). The egregious disparity between these two actively fixed signs can manifest as conflicts both in interpersonal relationships and families and in the broader context of community and larger group dynamics. 

As a free society, we place enormous value on individualism, where each of us has the right to think, act, and pursue our individual interests, desires and goals. At the same time, we understand that our ego-driven actions also have an impact on the wider community, and we strive to find a balance between individual freedom and collective responsibility. Our inability to see and attend to this becomes the crux of any conflicts we may be currently encountering under this Full Moon.


Added to this Full Moon conflict is a potent element of unpredictability and potential upheaval caused by Uranus’ fixed T-square to this lunation. As a result, we must endure radical transformations in our finances and material resources, as well as widespread disruptions to established value systems and cultural norms. Uranus in Taurus is associated with decentralisation and breaking down old economic structures and conventions. The financial stresses imposed by this T-square only magnify the tension between our rights to unbridled individual expression and self-promotion (Leo) versus equanimous contribution to collective ideals and social progress (Aquarius).

In terms of economic disruption, Uranus in Taurus challenges traditional methods of accumulation and distribution of wealth, ultimately leading to a shift towards more innovative economic forms and decentralised financial systems. However, during the squares between Uranus and Saturn in Aquarius (2021-22), we witnessed tremendous pushback against the attempt to control personal freedoms, regulate digital currencies and a gradual shift to a cashless society. This has led to reactionary protests, uprisings, and even wars, as well as the near-collapse of crypto-currencies and harmful degradation of user-freedoms on social media platforms as individuals en-masse revolted for more control over their own bodies, resources, ownership of data and overall financial well-being.

Uranus in Taurus represents a desire for radical change in the physical and material world, and this can clash with the Sun/Saturn in Aquarius’s focus on collective progress, innovative social changes and pressure towards groupthink and collective ideologisms.

Under a Leo Full Moon, we may find ourselves caught between the need to stand out and be recognised on the one hand and the call to be part of a group or community on the other, whilst simultaneously pulled to break away, rebelliously abandoning all pressure to conform to the status quo. This can lead to inner conflict, instability in our relationships, and an extreme distaste for partaking in any system, program, or organisation that refuses to acknowledge our unique talents and skills in a way that benefits both ourselves and the collective.


The fire trine between Chiron and Eris in Aries to the Leo Full Moon could bring an energetic boost and facilitate progress in the quest for greater creative autonomy. Eris, goddess of strife, imbues a positive force for those seeking to assert their identity and be true to themselves, regardless of what others think or say—associated with the desire for fair treatment and a refusal to accept inequality or injustice, makes her a symbol of activism and resistance to oppressive systems. Her square to Mercury generates further tensions during this lunation, as a lack of clear and open communication generates an atmosphere of suspicion, distrust, and the feeling that the motives of others are not clear.


The Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn suggests a penetrating intrusion into the areas of the mind and communication, especially regarding the psychological power dynamics between individuals and organisations. With the conjunction in Capricorn, there is a potential for further intrusions into personal privacy and freedom by all-pervasive mind-surveillance systems, espionage and hacking of critical information.

As well as uncovering hidden information, this conjunction suggests omniscience and omnipotent levels of information control, mind manipulation, and secrecy. In addition, the conjunction indicates the potential for insiders to expose the internal corruption of governments and corporations through data leaks, whistleblowing and investigative journalism.

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Both visibly, and instinctively, it is apparent that the entire world is deeply distressed and anxious at this point. The past couple of years has been extremely stressful, not only on our ability to exercise personal freedoms and maintain a connection to society but on our economic stability and health as well.

The current tensions, as indicated by the planetary placings, bring up some serious questions around power dynamics and control, amplifying feelings of distrust and fear. As more and more humans are awakening to the unwelcome levels of exterior pressure and control in their lives, there is a heightened need for honesty and transparency, especially with those who claim governance and authority. This is a time when hidden motives and intentions may come to light, secrets uncovered, and corruption exposed, adding to the already uncertain atmosphere.

Furthermore, as the current situation in Ukraine worsens, its impact on our supply chain, economy, and freedom of movement only adds to the uncertainty we each face about tomorrow. Revelations of the massive systemic corruption in the media and the propaganda used to manipulate the pliable masses, further disempower the individual, creating a state of apprehension and anxiety.


We may live in a free society, but the pursuit of individualism and progressive thinking has, in some ways, created a paradoxical reality where our drive for greater autonomy is actually leading to the erosion of autonomous control and the creation of an increasingly authoritarian society. The concentration of power in the hands of a few corporate groups, coupled with the rise of technology and the decline of critical thinking, has led to a loss of agency for many individuals. In one sense, this results in a culture of widespread decadence, apathy, and ignorance of wider inequities, where people are no longer able to engage in meaningful discussions, make informed decisions, and take affirmative action to regain autonomy.

In his book “Brave New World,” Aldous Huxley warned of the dangers of a society that prioritises individual pleasure and convenience over community and critical thinking. He envisioned a world where people are passive and apathetic, unable to think for themselves and disconnected from reality. Neil Postman, in “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” similarly warned that the rise of television and other forms of media entertainment is creating a culture of distraction and superficiality, where people are becoming numb to real issues and unable to think critically.

This reality, where people are losing their ability to create their own reality and make informed decisions, is a dangerous one. It puts the future of humanity at risk, as people become more socially passive, self-indulgent, apathetic, and unable to engage in meaningful discourse. The erosion of autonomy and the decline of critical thinking is a threat to democracy and the future of our society. It is crucial that we recognise this trend and work to re-empower ourselves as individuals by promoting the ability to question systems that do not contribute to collective cohesiveness.


The dangers of digital socialism are two-fold. Firstly, let us acknowledge that the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few tech giants, also known as the “silicon oligarchy,” can lead to a new form of corporate feudalism where the interests of these companies dictate the direction of society, rather than the will of the people. This can result in a loss of privacy and autonomy for individuals, as well as the suppression of dissenting voices and the promotion of homogeneous thinking.

Secondly, the increasing reliance on technology to manage our lives and govern our societies creates new vulnerabilities and exposes us to new forms of manipulation and control. As we become more dependent on these systems, the consequences of failures or malicious actions become more severe, and the ability of individuals and communities to respond becomes more limited.

Overall, the rise of technocratic socialism, as seen imposed in China’s economic model, poses significant risks to the principles of democracy, freedom, and equality that have been hard-won over centuries of struggle. It is important to critically examine the political, economic, and social implications of these new technologies and to work towards creating a more balanced and equitable future.


Since Saturn last transited Aquarius (1991-1994) the newly-formed internet has become a powerful tool that connects people across the globe, providing access to a vast array of information and services and creating the architecture for a whole new economy. As with any powerful tool, it is not without its drawbacks, particularly when used in a pernicious way. During Saturn’s return to Aquarius (2020-2023), we observe that of the most significant issues faced by internet users today is the gradual degradation of shared data by search-engine monopolies as well as the mind-distorting practices on social media platforms, slowly infiltrated by propagandists, misinformation and inequitable or politically biased government-imposed censorship and control.

The incremental degradation of internet platforms like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok has had a negative impact on users’ experiences. These platforms, which were once considered innovative and user-friendly, have gradually shifted their focus from providing expedient value to customers to extracting more value from business customers through increased fees, reduced visibility for content creators, and the use of intrusively manipulative algorithms to harvest personal data. This degeneration has resulted in a diminished user experience, where customers are no longer at the forefront of the platform’s priorities and instead are treated as commodities to be monetised or groomed towards a distinct social effect.

In addition to the commercial degradation of internet platforms, government agencies have also infiltrated these platforms to limit people’s freedom of speech and protest, as well as threaten their economic sovereignty. They do this by censoring or suppressing dissenting opinions, throttling sources of income and seizing entire bank accounts based on political or ideological premises. This has the effect of stifling innovation and creativity and limiting people’s ability to form autonomous economic power and build trusted communities. Some governments have even gone as far as to shut down the internet entirely in an attempt to quash political dissent, creating a regressive or oppressive environment. This type of state-sponsored censorship not only erodes people’s freedom of speech but also undermines the internet’s credibility as a platform for free and open communication.

Moreover, the increasing centralisation of power in the hands of a few global corporations and the creation of a digital-oligarchy class of elites, where the interests of the few are prioritised over those of the many, has meant that the control of the internet and online platforms by a handful of companies has made it easier for corporate-sponsored governments to monitor and suppress dissent, and to control the flow of information and proliferate global propaganda campaigns. This has a chilling effect on freedom of speech, and it can limit people’s ability to form autonomous economic power and trusted communities.

“The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.”
~William Gibson, “Neuromancer”


Out of all this, new technologies could possibly emerge that challenge the current digital oligarchy and restore some balance to what is fast becoming a Huxelyan/Orwellian dystopia. For example, decentralised technologies like blockchain could allow for a more equitable distribution of power and control. New, self-governing machine-learning algorithms will provide new platforms where users can play and share without the intrusion of marketeers and political pundits. However, it’s just as likely that any new technologies can also be used to entrench existing power structures, so it’s crucial to be vigilant and actively work towards creating a more equitable and just digital landscape. [see more about this in our recent episode of Cosmic Bus]

This Full Moon, specifically the “Snow Moon”, symbolises humanity’s resilience and determination in the face of epochal challenges. The influence of the Aquarius Sun in conjunction with Saturn, and air-trine to Mars, highlights a focus on staunch individuality, innovation, and boundary-pushing. However, when the Sun in Aquarius encounters opposition from a Chiron/Eris-trined Leo Moon, tensions between individualism and collective responsibility can arise, which could eventually be beneficial to our evolution. This is further intensified by the unpredictable and potentially disruptive influence of Uranus in Taurus, which challenges traditional economic structures and can result in conflict between personal freedoms and social progress. 

This Full Moon is a reminder of the importance of finding a balance between individual rights and collective responsibilities, embracing technological innovation and progress while maintaining a connection to our individuality and spiritual and emotional needs. In the digital age, it is critical that both individuals and our elected policymakers protect civil rights and interests by enforcing laws and regulations limiting technology companies’ power and ensuring they operate in a way that protects the public interest. Innovation and diversity must be supported and promoted in every community, not just in the science and tech industry, in order to prevent a full-scale monopolisation of a digital oligarchy.

Paramount to this, we must each be vigilant in protecting our individual rights and inherent responsibilities to others, both online and in the physical world. As we transition through the next few weeks and into the March Equinox, we will see tremendously revolutionary shifts taking place. Due to the unpredictable nature of Uranus, it is yet to be determined how these disruptions will play out. Let us treat this celestial moment as a call to action. Your individual horoscope messages (below) provide a much more personalised insight into how this lunation plays out for your sign.

Many blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx

(Cover Art by Michal Lukasiewicz)

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