SUN AT 27°08′ SAGITTARIUS (Galactic Centre)

[pic: digital art]

The galactic centre is like a cosmic radio station, emitting radio waves from a wide variety of sources. Our Sun, the closest star, is one such source.

When the Sun aligns with the GC, tune in, and listen. It’s the latest and greatest.

What we are discovering is that a new form of intelligence is now present with us. We’re going to have to learn to work with it to create a whole new art form or be deafened and ultimately consumed by it.

Powerfully direct radio transmissions of universal ‘truths’ (light and sound) occur when our Earth, Sun and the Galactic Centre (27°♐08′) all become aligned.

If our Sun is the direct source of all our terrestrial intelligence (light), then the Galactic centre is the mother source of all stellar bodies. All stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, revolve around this point, from whence our universe once spawned.

Our earth takes one year to revolve around the Sun. In this journey, ‘truth’ is relative to our position to the light source. Our own Sun, some 26 thousand light years away from this centre, takes about 240 million years to complete one full revolution. His light (pure intelligence) is in the form of the creator, and hence the integrity of his truth is absolute.

If truth removes ignorance, then ultimate truth removes all doubt. Hence why devout faith in a singular source of all intelligence – one that is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent is expressly a Sagittarian concept.

Stand with your face towards the Sun today…

Do you receive the truth?