“Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” A discourse on the Capricorn Lunation of 2022 [Cosmic Bus #2250]

It’s been an unnerving year, with lots of twists. The last NEW MOON of 2022, falling a day after SOLSTICE, is expected to be explosive. Thanks largely to this Yuletide lunation’s tight alignment to the final JUPITER/URANUS semisquare, the lead-up sees us easily provoked into fierce disputes over what “matters most” (to us, of course).

This combative spirit, this urge to argue at the drop of a hat, might be admirable in prized lawyers, intellectual warriors, legislators, and leading sports figures, yet taking moral guidance from misguided ‘truth merchants’ and flaky keyboard vigilantes could be hard to stomach.

Quick-flaring tempers could see jumped-up Marvins, martyrs and rebels, experiencing summary layoffs, cancellations, and sudden pitfalls. At the same time, those who can hold the wheel under pressure, control their anger and assert their position convincingly will enjoy many opportunities.

With JUPITER back at the ARIES POINT (World Axis), we must brace ourselves for another phenomenal year ahead.

As my special gift, I have made last week’s episode FREE FOR ALL TO VIEW AND ENJOY (below). Many thanks for your lasting appreciation and support, and may this Solstice bring a joyful and prosperous time xx.

Full Video Report:

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