“Keeping It Real” – The NEW MOON at 01°33′ CAPRICORN, Friday December 23, 10:18 UTC

Greetings, friends and happy Yuletide. While Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are typically associated with religious observances, family gatherings, and parties, it seems that the last three years with Saturn in Aquarius have dampened the spirit of these occasions.

Though not official, this appears to be the first post-Covid-19 Xmas, meaning we can finally return to celebrating with loved ones without the need for masks, vaccine documentation, and social distancing measures. Despite this, many people may feel disenchanted by the holiday season, either because of the past few years’ events or simply because of the lack of excitement or novelty in following traditional holiday rituals.

Whether you feel uneasy with religious ceremonies, overwhelmed by the holiday’s commercialisation, feel pressured to conform to certain expectations or traditions that do not align with your personal values, tired of the same routine year after year, or are unable to participate in the holiday due to personal circumstances such as financial struggles, family conflicts, or feelings of loneliness – you may notice one thing for sure this year – things are different.

In addition to its challenges, it’s important to note that this New Moon, which falls just a day after the Solstice, may dredge up some harsh energies. Ruled by Saturn, the Capricorn lunation stirs up our most negative emotions like melancholy, pessimism and fear, as well as materialism, stinginess, and mistrust. Our more cynical side might err on the side of caution, control, and self-denial, which could lead to feelings of rigidity or repression. A drive towards ambition, power, and success also generates a sense of pressure or competitiveness.

The news isn’t all bad, though! The positive qualities of Capricorn, such as its ability to ground us with some hardnose realism and practicality, remind us of our social obligations, and a strong sense of diligence and responsibility are also present and help mitigate some of the harsher aspects to this Cardinal/Earth lunation.

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During this New Moon, the square to Jupiter at the World Axis (0º Aries) suggests significant conflicts in the decrees of power and authority, as well as dilemmas and difficult choices. These challenges may be both personal and social, and the decisions we make now could have long-term consequences. It is essential to consider our values and act in accordance with our moral code, as this will shape our lives and potentially affect larger structures such as government, business, and the economy. This is a time of significant change and development on a global level, as we have discussed in our most recent Cosmic Bus episode (available free to all as a special holiday gift).

It’s important to remember that everyone experiences and celebrates in their own way, and it’s okay to feel disenchanted with the holiday if it does not bring joy or fulfilment. As we are learning to question the spiritual and moral significance of everything, it is also important to be understanding and respectful of others’ experiences and feelings towards the holiday, whatever their beliefs.

On this New Moon, it is crucial to focus our intention on what we can control and be responsible for, rather than getting caught up in misleading or superficial matters. We should ensure that our words and actions are based on solid foundations, not fleeting or changing circumstances. The Capricorn lunation will test our commitment to our values and beliefs.

Are we taking the easy way out, or are we willing to stand up for what we believe in by acting responsibly and bearing the consequences for our actions? It is not only our right but our moral imperative to seek and uphold the truth and to live authentically in accordance with it.

All kinds of challenges are endemic to this lunation. In any dilemma, my horoscope readings, which include an intention, are designed to help you feel empowered and motivated during this time. To get the most accurate and complete reading, be sure to consider both your Sun sign and Rising sign.

Thank you for your support to keep this work independent, and I wish you many blessings for the holidays and a wonderful New Moon xx

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(Cover Art by Mirekis)