‘BRIDGING THE GREAT DIVIDE’ The NEW MOON at 02°49′ LIBRA, Sunday September 25, 21:56 UTC

[image by Hugh Kretschmer]

A New Moon forming less than three days after the LIBRA EQUINOX (02°♎49′) means the skies will be dark enough to witness some rare celestial events. Chiefly, like a sentinel in the autumnal sky, Jupiter now presents his closest opposition to the Sun since 1963, the closest the gas giant will pair with Earth all year. From now until late November, Jupiter, now at 03°♈42′, moves westward in retrograde motion below the Great Square of Pegasus across the faint stars of Pisces. 

A few hours before the Sun rises, Mars, now in his retrograde shadow, stands high in the southeast, not to be mistaken for the nearby reddish Mars-type fixed star, Aldebaran, located to Mars’ upper right. Whilst this portends aggressively acclaimed honour and riches, the inflammatory nature of Mars signifies such action would end in disgrace and ruin. Mars is currently in an air-trine to Saturn, suggesting an organised roll-out of communication networks and mobilisation of defences.

This month’s darkest nights are also the best time to spot the far-flung ice giant Uranus, the second-last planet in our solar system. The Uranus influence in this lunation is behind much of the current upset and disruption in our lives.

Being on the far side of the Sun, all planets beyond Mars are now retrograde, each retracing their passage during the year’s first half. Symbolically, we are reviewing many events and experiences of the past few months, trying to understand their significance to our lives and the way we are evolving, particularly as we prepare to integrate the lessons they bring to us during the later part of this year.

Jupiter’s strong opposition to the Libra New Moon significantly impacts this event. Jupiter in Aries calls for a courageous display of decisive leadership and promotes in­novations in our philosophical, political and spiritual attitudes towards each other, as well as engendering us with faith in the possibility of regeneration and rebirth into a better way of life.

Jupiter is also positioned at the precise midpoint of a squaring Saturn and Uranus, inflating the symbolic tensions we’ve been feeling since 2021 – basically exaggerating the conflict between our conservative and radical tendencies. The SA/UR square produces dictatorial tendencies. As with those native to a Saturn/Uranus square, those most triggered by the effects of this transit claim to advocate freedom and reform while ironically acting very oppressively toward anyone who disagrees with them.

Jupiter standing between them will look for ways to integrate obstinate and unyielding traditionalistic and revolutionary attitudes, offering opinions and advice on how to render change to time-honoured institutions; offering many suggestions on how to impose progressive modifications to customary beliefs, institutions and establishments. We also anticipate that conventional politics will become shattered by new and unpredictable ways of governance as conservatives battle radicals to end the harrowing divide, now being experienced internally in the individual and externally in the collective psyche.

Jupiter is exceptionally foolhardy in Aries, however. Our impetuousness to act swiftly does tend to see us overreach ourselves foolishly. When we feel wronged, we can quickly become rash and impulsive with an overblown sense of self-important righteousness. With all good intentions, things can often go wrong when we put all our eggs in one basket, and we must learn to prepare for unforeseen difficulties; saving something in reserve should not all go as expected.

The opposition to the Libra Sun/Moon, now at its synodic refresh, augurs some degree of hope that we can see the ongoing social tensions with some perspective, aiming to counterbalance the heavily storm-like Aries-focused energies with some civility and tact. The Libra Equinox shifts the subjective and individualised emphasis of our Solar path into the second half of the zodiac, where we must learn to relate and integrate ourselves into an intersubjective reality, a social order beyond ourselves. This is a highly significant turning point in a year in which, since March (Aries Equinox) we have sought only to formulate and assert our personal views without much regard for how others will respond.

Libra creates a space to accommodate another individual in a one-to-one association. Her Venus-ruled, cardinal-air modality looks for diplomatic, tactful peace-making opportunities. A lunation in Libra inspires us to form a clever intention, one that aims to reach a pleasant, harmonious settlement by carefully evaluating the situation and weighing up all options and points of view using an objective perspective. Libra’s strong emphasis on beauty and pleasing aesthetics wants to bring any relationship to a place where there is fairness, justice and a striving for equality. 

Of course, the downside of Libra can present as vacillating or indecisive, or at least reticent to pass judgement lest we upset or create conflict, and it is this side of Libra that is often admonished for being too people-pleasing, phoney politicking, flip-flop-flaky and ineffectual due to her overly accommodating, compliant, acquiescent influence, particularly when the lunation commands us to make a firm intention and stick to it. 

There are seemingly many irreconcilable tensions here. We see the antithesis between the old way and radical new ways clashing, creating the urgent need for new codes of conduct and laws as we transition. Finding solutions that will not restrict our freedom due to shifting political situations, especially those beyond any individual’s enterprise or national jurisdiction, will be challenging. 

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In the lead-up to this epic lunation, we have warned that this time marches us further towards extreme ends, as we transition towards a whole new system of governance that is fair and equitable for all, but doesn’t produce the ghastly effects of past attempts to achieve this. As we look back at history, particularly the last 150 years, we see how abysmally all systems of government have failed us. Even democracy seems to have left us desolate, drifting on a raft of tense, 50/50 divisions.

Saturn’s transit through AQUARIUS casts a pall of widespread social isolation and a lack of social cohesiveness over the general population.

His sustained semisquare to Jupiter (July-Sep 2022) has only spread further economic gloom and social austerity by inflicting a lack of sense-making and meaningfulness about anything happening in the world.

Saturn’s final instalment of his squares to Uranus (2021-22) produces irritability, tension and free-floating anxiety about speaking out or standing away from the pack. Essentially this has made it difficult to reintegrate socially after even the slightest of disagreements.

[image by Hugh Kretschmer]

As this lunation stands opposite to the tight Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus alignment, the entire world experiences an upsurge in free-floating psychological uneasiness, as indicated by the highly polarised views on socioeconomic issues (wars, inflated cost of living, climate, fuel supply, medical care, etc) and sociopolitical concerns (conservatives vs liberals, autocracy vs democracy, monarchy vs republicanism etc), as well as running moral and ethical dilemmas (civil rights, immigration, abortion, gender issues, etc), none of which, to name a few, are in any way easy to settle by any known means.

We know that things are severely untenable in many respects. By now, many of us are aware of the sweeping ‘mind-disease, wetiko virus’ – this mass anxiety and discontentment whose mental symptoms cannot be linked to any apparent cause. This mass psychosis seems rife throughout many relationships and communities, producing a broad spectrum of psycho-emotional derangements. Widely contagious, the tension transpires in the nervous system, with few, if anyone being able to detect its cause or connect it to anything.

When we combine this widespread lack of social cohesion; a lack of meaning or sense-making; massive levels of free-floating anxiety; and general psychological uneasiness, we have all the necessary ingredients for the formation of a totalitarian state in one place. Although we have witnessed these terrifying elements coming together in the past, this is the first time we are seeing this combination on a global scale.

Over the coming weeks, we may have also noticed how the rise in radical intolerance of dissonant voices and nonconformists spread like wildfire. Those few who still dare to go against the grain or claim the official narrative is wrong are being effectively ostracised – witch-hunted, scapegoated and weeded out by the hypnotised masses, who blindly direct any anger and frustration of the state of their discontent at anyone who voices dissent.

Meanwhile, those same masses display an unusual tolerance of their leaders – those who have cleverly positioned themselves or have strategically been put in place to dictate the mainstream narrative. It will seem that those in command can cheat, lie, steal, manipulate, even murder – in short, do anything they want – and still be forgiven by the crowd because the crowd appears convinced that all measures, however drastic, nonsensical and grim, are for their own good.

In a totalitarian state, boundaries between fact and fiction, conviction and compulsion, passion and hyperbole become so blurred that arbitrary ‘trial & retribution packages’, predicated on utter political gobbledegook, scare-tactics and superstition, can usher in the new era of a globally-centralised technocratic state.

This is not justice. Nor is this ‘way’ in the higher Libran spirit of creating dialogue, debate, appropriate enquiry and a compromised response to deal respectfully with any issue that has brought us inequity and disagreement. 

As all our divisiveness comes to a head on September 26, launching a war between darkness and light, we seek to find it in our hearts to at least meet one another, to either find peace or continue fighting. In any case, we must be ready for this and, in turn, the imminent spectacular collapse of the old-world order.

This lunation is indeed a special moment, providing an opportunity for us to pledge a truce, set an intention to meet others halfway, put down our dogmas and our fears and come to listen to each other’s stories with an intention to hear what their heart is trying to say. 

[image by Hugh Kretschmer]

We have come a long way together, suffering greatly through crises. We all suffer similar traumas of being somehow excluded, left behind, or neglected in the quest for love and acceptance and the interminable race to reach the top of the heap. We all relate to being forced to comply with rules and stories that did not feel right to the mind, body, and spirit in order to get along; survive. We are now finding ourselves disconcerted by the irony that if we let go of the deeply corrupt narrative, deceptions, cover-ups and clauses in our social and legal contracts, our society will fall apart.

And it will. When we look at our intersubjective agreements with a greater perspective, we see how those laws and constitutions were written by people whose realities were bound to a different dimension of consciousness. They were administered by those born into power and privilege and assumed incredible ‘might-makes-right’ attitudes. The entire infrastructure of our society is still being held together by such antiquated attitudes. It is these attitudes which have left this planet stripped of all its beauty and natural resources.

We now know too well that our government institutions and their respective constitutions and laws were specifically drawn up to perpetuate fear, division and separation. Perhaps, in a very physically structured world, all that was necessary was to preserve only the ruling classes’ autonomy and autocracy, which is questionable. One thing is sure – the world was divided, segregated into ascending categories of privilege and elitism. 

The stars tell us that very soon, that old, conditional world is coming to an end. Those who still believe that they can manage the new world, one constrained less by physical restrictions, are becoming increasingly desperate in how they attempt to enforce their might and governance. Yet we know that all force eventually must relent; all structures must eventually collapse; that all laws made not in full respect to nature’s immutable law soon become redundant and useless.

The Libra lunation is a time to see our world for what it has indeed become. It is a time to sit and look at things objectively, without bias or prejudice, and clear the way to pass a flawless judgement, appropriating our full, empathic consideration of all items presented.

Have a look at the most significant persons in your life. Can you persuade them to agree that we can make things easier, more workable, and more peaceful? We must employ a genuine sense of respectfulness and kindness, married with sophisticated strategy, diplomacy and tact, with aim to restore our relationships to a more balanced, bearable and hopefully peaceful, loving state.

Your ‘NEW MOON Special Message and Intention’ provides deeper insight and practical guidance on how to use the current energies most effectively in relation to your respective Solar centre. Read both your Sun Sign (Spirit) and Rising Sign (Personality) to get a complete overview of which relationship themes are being activated for you. (see below for links to your sign).

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