“Violent Purge”, The NEW MOON at 04°04′ VIRGO, Saturday, Aug 27, 08:18 UTC

The Virgo lunation is only hours away. Aside from an intensely tight square (0ºS02′) to Mars, it stands otherwise unaspected to any other planets, whose energetic pulse is internalised due to retrogrades and in much friction with one another.

Still, this one very stressful aspect to the New Moon from Mars, now entered Gemini, is enough to crank up the heat and cause all kinds of inflammations, aggravations and possibly even violent reactions. In the dark of this Moon, you would already have felt that it’s time to draw some strict boundaries around what is wholesome and manageable, what is simply so emotionally volatile that it can quickly get out of control, creating upsets and temper tantrums.

The tendency to take little things personally is ultra-high – the punctilious Virgo reacts to Gemini’s biting quips with a reductive sense of conceit and dismissiveness. Though neither of these two Mercury-ruled signs is particularly emotional, angry outbursts aren’t uncommon when any bit of rashly-administered news, unsolicited opinion and contentious name-calling plays out. Virgo is quick to flush out, purge and extricate the slightest little detail deemed offensive, and Mars in Gemini will most certainly provoke such an action with a mere word.

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Health problems may surface in the body in the form of ulcers or stomach problems. Whether anger is expressed openly in disputes or suppressed so that it builds up inside, it is perhaps wise to examine the source of this. Naturally, dramas in our lives always stem from ourselves, and it’s our unduly vigorous, off-the-cuff conduct that is our worst enemy here. 

We might blame others for frustrating our intentions but fail to see how we invite antagonism, anger and resentment by forcing our way to get what we want. This tendency arouses irritation in others, who consider us snobbish, arrogant and overly egotistical.

The New Moon is an opportunity to set an intention around what we wish to achieve practically. Although the stars auger that we are heading for massive social turbulence into September/October with all outers in retrograde, Mercury and Mars soon to follow and big-hitter aspects like the Saturn/Uranus and Pluto/Eris squares, the eclipses etc., we can accomplish quite a lot if we are mindful to think before we act and restrain our anger and aggressiveness while cultivat­ing tact and diplomacy.

We spoke extensively about some of the greater issues at play here in our recent 90-minute ‘Cosmic Bus’ special. This is no time to act out our irritability by scattering away precious energy on superficial arguments and trivial pursuits. 

The mutable Virgo lunation seeks to bring out our most diligent, industrious, efficient, conscientious side. While the super-tight square from Mars in Gemini can make us critical, snappy, and captiously ready to find fault, we wish to avoid starting wars and life-long grudges over the slightest insult. Perhaps the saying “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” is appropriate here.

We need to learn that with some flexibility and patience, we can set an achievable goal to accomplish what we want without contention. If you’re sore that little is of worthwhile interest to you, this might be the time to start gathering, ranking and sorting information and facts into something that leads you into a new study, preferably with a practical or helpful outlet. Virgo is about helping others, which must be of paramount interest in setting your New Moon intention to improve your health, work situation, finding a new routine, or more satisfying job.

Again, my Empowering Lunation Horoscopes guide the way, going into more detail on what is most critical for your sign (read Sun & Rising) and how to make the most of the greater planetary crises building to a crescendo in late Sep/Oct. Thanks for your loving appreciation and support, and may you have an amazing New Moon xx

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(Cover Art by John William Waterhouse)

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