‘The End of Kings & Queens’ – SUPERMOON AT 19°22′ AQUARIUS, Friday August 12, 01:37 UTC

The last Supermoon of 2022 will be visible soon, alongside Saturn, with the Perseid meteor shower peaking in the early hours of Saturday.

At Full Moon, it is the time of the month when the primal energies of the Sun and Moon are at their most disparate and least inclined to agree. There is a disparity between the conscious and the unconscious, generating moments of illumination into our habitual, instinctive behaviour and how well this complements who we seek to become.

As energies pull apart, the tension generated often indicates that effort is required to reconcile them or allow them to separate. This polarised strain, experienced in our relationships, points to areas where our individualised will (or ego) is at odds with the collective needs of humanity. 

The fixed-fire of the Leo Sun highlights where we are self-expressive, creative, playful, possess a firm sense of identity and can tend towards self-centeredness. Leo represents where we remain proudly true to our narrative, bravely pursue our individualistic desires, command attention or personal agency, demand to have things our way, become bossy, autocratic, or overbearing and want to rise above the group.

The fixed-air of the Aquarian Moon reflects an intellectual, abstractly impersonal, emotionally detached, disaffected reaction. Her rebellious, nonconformist, freedom-seeking nature is neither impressed nor humoured by the growling individualist demands of the Leo Sun to control the narrative. She is more inclined toward a group-oriented, cooperative, liberal and humanitarian set of ideals and politics, attuned to universal truths and identifying more with social causes, democratic rights and humanity’s collective plight.

Saturn’s transit through Aquarius only galvanises these instinctive needs as the Moon forms an applying (02º44′) conjunction. Their combined opposition to the Leo Sun frustrates his attempt to rule by decree, denying success by placing obstacles in our way, mainly if we are overtly domineering, selfish or aggressive. When we fail to notice our effect on others or inadvertently ignore their feelings and sensitivities, support and opportunities for success diminish. Cooperative endeavours are limited, often by the application of stringent measures or harsh consequences if we have gone too far in not considering our effect on others.

A fixed T-Square from Uranus in Taurus along the Nodal Axis only accentuates tensions, indicating resistance, irritability and free-floating anxiety about speaking out as an individual or representative of a group ideal. Innovative technological changes, rapid industrial modernisation and significant upgrades to the material world and its economic order bring widespread disruptions. Saturnian fears and frustrations are understandably aroused whenever Uranus is activated, especially by a lunation.

This Full Moon highlights a time of significant friction and separation, and an attempt to reconcile our desires with others in our world becomes severely tested.

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Saturn’s transit through Aquarius (Dec 2020 – March 2023) casts a pall of widespread social isolation and a lack of social cohesiveness over the general population as it gradually reforms our complete reference of social reality. A sustained semisquare to Jupiter (Jul-Sep) spreads further gloom and austerity by limiting our capacity for sense-making and meaningfulness in our lives.

Saturn’s square to Uranus (2021-22), has produced insult and vexation between many groups. Our interpretation of freedom and order is becoming redefined. Our intellectualised justification for extreme be­haviour is being self-righteously imposed upon others. Attempts to persuade each other that we are distinctly committed to selfless causes and that they are the selfish ones aren’t doing much for peace and harmony.

More and more frequently, we witness individuals losing themselves in high-sounding abstrac­tions or becoming involved with radical group activities that prevent the formation of close relationships.

As JUPITER, SATURN and URANUS tighten in the coming weeks, the world will become gripped by an upsurge of free-floating psychological uneasiness. This is effectively a psychological mind dis-ease; an anxiety and discontentment which cannot be linked to any apparent cause, though many symptoms of social dissociation are obvious. Few, if anyone, will be able to detect its cause or connect it to anything, and even less will suspect that it has much to do with the rapid induction of new bio and info technologies and ideologies.

These sweeping changes, resulting in a lack of social cohesiveness and sense-making, the escalation of free-floating anxiety and widespread psychological uneasiness are the primary components necessary in forming a bewildering technocratic totalitarian state.

Hence, this lunation, which activates the Node-crossed Saturn/Uranus highlights the contention between autocracy (Leo Sun), liberal democracy (Aquarian Moon/Saturn), and economic technocracy (Taurus Uranus/Node), and how these three duelling states both divide and then combine to form a whole new state, which nobody quite knows how will play out for us.

Over the coming weeks, observe how the rise in radical intolerance of dissonant voices and nonconformists spreads like wildfire. Anyone who goes against the grain or claims the official narrative is wrong is effectively singled out, witch-hunted, scapegoated and weeded out by the hypnotised masses, who blindly direct any anger and frustration over the state of their discontent at anyone who voices dissent.

Meanwhile, those same masses will appear to display an unusual tolerance of their leaders – those ‘kings & queens’ who dictate the mainstream narrative. It will seem that those in command can cheat, lie, steal, manipulate, even murder – in short, do anything they want – and still be forgiven by the crowd because the crowd appears convinced that all measures, however grim, nonsensical or severe, are for their own good.

That, my friends, is the standard recipe for the totalitarian state, where boundaries between fact and fiction, conviction and compulsion, passion and hyperbole have become so blurred that arbitrary ‘trial & retribution packages’, predicated on utter nonsense, fear and superstition, have been employed to usher in the new era of the technocratic state. It is an intermediary step for something, but what? And at what cost?

Under this Full Moon, observe how your Aquarian concern for humanity inclines you to radiate the Leo love and light within you so that you may illuminate everyone with whom you come in contact. Observe how the Uranian/Node awakens your genius beyond your small circle of admirers to incite a critical shift in consciousness. Understand the importance of friendship and community, which allows freedom and equality to be mutually satisfying on all levels – ideologically, economically and spiritually. 

We do not need to es­tablish a state in which someone always plays the role of king or queen to their devoted followers, beholden to their rigid views and exploitative self-interests. We are capable of coexisting in a truly friendly, equilaterally liberating and loving state. Perhaps it’s best to entertain the highest Aquarian group ideal, that of “communitarianism”, where individual living and individual contributions to small, self-governing communities or extensive family complexes are important. This group ideal allows us to be the best we can be without shutting others out, emphasising encouraging the best in everyone, valuing inclusivity and the nuances of individual diversity.

Let’s understand, with Pluto soon entering Aquarius, the gilded days of the celebrated selfish individualist are nearly over. Although the shift will bring hope, the transition will be difficult for everyone still clinging to their old baggage. For now, let’s hold hope that as long as we each continue to do our part willingly and mindfully, contributing to the common good of our respective community as dependable and responsible individuals, we shall each find a fruitful way of coexisting again. 

Going into the Aquarian Full Moon, it is a time to prepare ourselves for this new vision, and know too that this uncomfortable period of social fragmentation will soon, one way or another, be eventually over, but it will not happen easily. Many forces have conspired to divide us, and the next few weeks could be tense down there in the 3D world. All this comes to a head on September 26, launching a war between darkness and light…

Below are your empowering Full Moon Horoscopes; thank you all for your loving support and lasting friendship. May you be well and have a blessed Full Moon.

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(Cover Art by Maciej Wierzbicki)

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