‘The Quest to Outshine the Sun’ -The NEW MOON at 05°39′ LEO, Thu Jul 28, 17:56 UTC

The New Moon in Leo signifies a time for new beginnings and opportunities to embark on new ventures of creative and bold endeavour. The Sun is dignified in Leo, illuminating where we want to shine and be the centre of attention in our world. Even shy types or those lacking in confidence have special interests in which they want to be recognised, admired and revered.

To feel happy and appreciated, we need to respect ourselves before we can garner admiration and respect from others. Leo planets awaken us to the wonders of love and being loved, and it is the first sign in the zodiac which seeks to impress others with the uniqueness of its being. Each of us discovers throughout life what it is about ourselves that shines enough to generate warmth and brightness in context with others, what lifts the spirit. This iridescent glow is often noticeable and, by reflection, excites an audience, which is a ‘turn-on’.

What turns you on in others? How do you light up the situation? Is it your striking good looks, your exquisite taste in clothes, your brilliant banter, your esteemed place in the community or family, your superlative skills at the guitar or advanced computing, your biting sense of humour, your infectious laugh, or the way you can penetrate through the veneer of life and amaze others with your encyclopedic knowledge of the human psyche?

With the Sun and Moon aligning in Sun-ruled Leo, current circumstances conspire so that our conscious attention and instincts focus on re-membering what it is about us that is exceptionally special and how, when we express this, it attracts an admiring audience. We also discover where, like the gaudy, braggadocious Sun-King, too much of ourselves can be boorish, overbearing, and blinding, not allowing our audience the space and freedom to marvel and enjoy life’s wonders. Too much can often be a ‘turn-off’.

Where Leo can bring self-consciousness, nobility and grace, it can also be pretentious, self-righteous, pompous and vain. Leo can be demanding rather than commanding of others’ attention, time, resources, labour, tributes and affections and any prestige and importance not earned can become tyranny and distaste. As a result of expecting too much, Leo shows us where we could suffer the loss of dignity, respect and favour and, like the unruly king or evil queen, become crestfallen.

Some things about this particular lunation must be considered when perusing the skies for other planetary aspects: In this event, a blazing fire-trine from Jupiter in Aries only fans the blazing confidence and glowing optimism of Leo to the point where it must not go unnoticed, to the point where it gets scorchingly overblown.

This period promotes a tremendous boost for the Leo energy of atomic genuineness and creative integrity. However, as we’ll see in the next 2-3 weeks, those gleaming in a deceitful light, exhuming false pride from stolen places, sucking the life-force out of their ‘royal subjects’ to feed their narcissistic means could stand to suffer humiliating defeats, usually by similarly domineering types. We live in times when audacious self-importance and insistence on demonstrating one’s agency and sovereignty are at an all-time high. 

As we stand, a formidably tense Grand Cross forms along the Moon’s Nodal axis, with Mars and Uranus applying conjunction at the North Node. Crossed by Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Leo, this creates a highly explosive and utterly dangerous impact upon the fixed-minded, stubborn aspects of our egos. At the ensuing Aquarius Full Moon (Aug 12) the Leo bombast comes a cropper as it brings unyielding matters to a frightful end. The crisis intensifies throughout August and September, bringing vastly unpredictable consequences.

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And so it is; what was once ‘the future’ is fast becoming ‘our present’. I guess we’re ready for whatever must go down for the sake of humility. I don’t want to put this grimly, but historically, worldwide cultural shifts have never come peacefully. There’s always been significant turbulence and upset in transitioning from one level of awareness to the next.

Individuals today possess enormous pride in who they are, what they belong to and how they want those things to shine in the world. They seek huge attention, even if the resources to fuel the ego, a largely 3D construct, are dwindling. In sheer defiance of this, some individuals seem hellbent on outshining the rest, even at the cost of incinerating the entire ego-based paradigm that supports this. What’s worse, like the Emperor’s new clothes, many are willing to let this happen.

The tragic reality is that despite the lessons we’ve been through in the past and are still going through during the current global crisis, it seems we haven’t learned a thing. Such a drain on limited physical resources produces a massive humanitarian crisis, deconstructing defunct cultural institutions and outworn moral values. ​​

This multitude of concurring crises should raise questions about how we can build a better society and not treat this merely as an emergency of economic interests and an infringement on our personal liberties.

Historically, the basis of all amicable foreign relations and peaceful coexistence among different socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural tribes in the western world rested solely on the prosperity of mutual material interests. The whole ‘peace’ illusion collapses dramatically when the feeble state can no longer guarantee these mutual interests due to sudden uncontrollable economic calamities or cultural injustices. 

We are about to enter an unknown passage, although this is not the first time our earth-bound species has traversed this level of insecurity and chaos. We have lost our way because we have focused our sights on the shortsighted materialistic fixtures and forgotten or rather neglected the stars, the heavens, the magic and the ethos of the divine. 

In the dark of this Leo New Moon, I call on all those who follow me on this grand cosmic journey to remember that our destination is higher than all this. For us, this is undoubtedly a spiritual crisis, and the war of egos is a semi-step towards a total ascent. 

This is a splendid time to relinquish boastful and excessive ego baggage. Letting go of the vanities nonsense, we step into the pure source of our intelligence – our inimitable, bona fide Self, and like the Sun and Moon, align our senses with the stars to guide us through this epic voyage.

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(Cover Art by Emily Balivet)

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