‘THE CRACKS IN OUR REALITY’ [Cosmic Bus #2227]

Feeling lonely from within? Alone in your relationship, unheard and unloved? Are goals and expectations disappointing? Your basic needs unmet?

You're definitely not alone...
So whatever happened to those sexy times? What's all this hurt and betrayal we're all feeling? Many questions, and you know, there's probably a reason for it all.

In this episode, Ang discusses the astrology of now, trying to make some sense of all of this tension we're feeling, both within and out, as above so below.

The Capricorn Full Moon (Jul 13) highlights the cracks in our reality, relationships and most of all the cracks in our hearts. How will you deal with the cumulative stresses and pressures just up ahead?

Enjoy this short snippet (members, login below to view the full 75-minute discourse):

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