NEPTUNE ON THE FULL MOON: “Visitors From Outer Space” [Cosmic Bus #2223]

Tuesday's FULL MOON at 23º25' Sagittarius is squared by NEPTUNE, meaning both the Moon and opposing SUN are subject to volatile and tidal emotional swings, where perceptions and beliefs are fully intertwined with fanciful imaginings and wishful thinking.

When both what we say and hear seem clouded by personal bias and fantasy, the subtle stress upon our mental faculties eventually wears us down. Strange, delusory forces emanating from unconscious sources, cause unresolved and blocked emotions to leak out everywhere, seeking a cathartic release.

Join me live on COSMIC BUS as we seek to make some sense of the current maelstrom enveloping our planet...

Enjoy this short snippet (members, login below to view the full 70-minute discourse):

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