JUPITER in ARIES (phase 1) (May 10- Oct 27)

[image: N. Lindsay]

JUPITER storms into Aries where, fanned by double fire through this constellation, he will wreak his self-styled quest for law and justice, sparing little or no mercy about what he feels is morally right. Regardless of where you stand, prepare to get into new territory, be it physically or intellectually or both.

In one sense, this energy epitomises a mighty struggle for the individual as a cosmic child of the divine, defending personal sovereignty and setting healthy boundaries for oneself.

In another, it could mean the escalation of reckless or utterly irresponsible behaviour aimed solely at boastful self-aggrandisement and personal glory.

The next few months could be brutal, as fiery ruler MARS also joins the fray from May 24…
Jupiter here promises to sort out the tense ongoing issues between conservative and radical sides of any argument, skating over the troublesome midpoint of the SATURN/URANUS square several times (RED HOT WARNING FOR SEPTEMBER EQUINOX)

But first, in his initiation, JUPITER immediately semisquares URANUS (~May 15): Those who argue at the drop of a hat are prone to launch into fierce disputes over whatever “means a lot to them”. This fighting spirit may be excellent for prized lawyers, fearsome warriors, advocates in Congress and leading sports figures but a little hard to take from your garden-variety street-fighting heroes and keyboard vigilantes, whom we encounter daily.

Heretics and rebels can expect massive job layoffs, cancellations, continual troubles and suspensions due to quick temper, while opportunities abound for those who can learn to control their angry mouth and assert themselves where necessary.

Ok, have fun with that…

We’ll have more to discuss on Jupiter’s pass through Aries on the cosmic bus (normal time, THU) as well as the lead up to Saturday’s epic TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, standby before that for full horoscopes and newsletter, better sign up here if you’re not a member (or else!!)

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