‘Hell Hath No Fury’ [Cosmic Bus #2220]

Still staggering out of the energetic slump left by the SN LUNAR ECLIPSE at the start of the week, not helped at all by MARS transiting over NEPTUNE (wtf was that??).

The entire energy shifts, when on Saturday the SUN enters Gemini, followed by ruling MERCURY's inferior conjunction on Sunday, currently retrograding towards Taurus. By Monday, VENUS transiting fiery Aries meets ERIS where "hell hath no fury", and by the end of the week goes into full force against the power-mongering PLUTO, and by the weekend MARS, now also in Aries joins up with JUPITER and... my friends... it's all on for young and old.

Let's look into what's changing as the world heats up to an unprecedented degree - join us here for a special LAST QUARTER-MOON discussion on the Cosmic Bus.

Enjoy this short snippet (members, login below to view the full 60-minute discourse):

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