‘Breaking The Cycle of Toxicity’ – The BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE at 25°18′ SCORPIO, Monday, May 16, 04:16 UTC

Our world is in danger of melting down due to toxicity. We all know that, right? Toxic pollutants in our environment threaten our ecosystems by warming the entire planet and causing significant instability to our climate. While the proliferation of toxic industrial substances has had drastic environmental and bodily effects over the past century, conventional measuring and mitigating methods continue to produce uncertainty and denial.

Even though we are aware of the many dangers posed to our survival by the imbalances of humanity’s rampant consumerism, the argument made by those “in control” is that we cannot afford to cut back our pollution levels too drastically for fear that it might affect our economies. So we continue to put out the toxicity for monetary security alone.

Meanwhile, humanity suffers many health and mental well-being reversals from severe depression, suicidal episodes, and chronic fatigue; all brought on by toxic exposure and an unhappy childhood. For all our awareness, we continue to live in a toxic world: toxic political environments, toxic news cycles, toxic workplaces, toxic relationships, and toxic personal habits continue to corrupt the individual and his/her society. Whether we know it or not, we may not be too far from a catastrophic meltdown, and the astrology of today reflects this.

A series of eclipses between Nov 2021 and Oct 2023, falling along the Taurus/Scorpio Nodal axis, serve as a dire omen that we need to restore the balance between the earth and how we manage its sustainability. During this period, humanity will witness a drastic transition into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which commenced in the late 1990s with the birth of the internet, recycling and renewable energy.

By now, we are aware of the many difficulties faced in implementing this transition, and there are wars fought on many levels between our stalwart denials and ignorances and the need to let go of our toxic old ways and move forward, whatever the cost. The recent NN Solar eclipse in Taurus, conjunct Uranus, introduced disruptive but revolutionary insight and technologies that, in time, will prove to be a game-changer. Sunday’s SN Lunar eclipse will highlight, in red, what we need to urgently relinquish in order to evolve:

The first of two total lunar eclipses of 2022 will stain the Moon with a blood-red hue on Sunday night. Weather permitting, those in North and South America will witness the Full Moon, precise at 25°18′ Scorpio, turn a burgundy colour. It is the first Scorpio eclipse since October 2014.

At a magnitude of 1.4141 and lasting about 1 hour and 25 minutes, this will be the most extended prime-time cosmic spectacle of the 21st century. At around the eclipse’s peak (12:11 am EST), the Full Moon’s usual glow becomes completely obscured, firmly burrowed within the earth’s shadow as it sweeps across it. Because the Moon emits a rusty bronze light, the ominously eerie red lunation is referred to as a “Blood Moon”.

Any Lunar eclipse in Scorpio serves as an extremely powerful omen that something has to end. A South Node eclipse indicates that this will be a power outage at the Scorpio end. Of all the signs, the impact of a Scorpio lunation coincides with the most intensely personal, emotionally longest-lasting endings, deaths and transitions in our lives, for it is in this fixed-watery sign that the Moon is at its utmost detriment (fall), where emotional experiences are concentrated, condensed and intensified. It is here where we are most tightly -bonded with something or someone and it is here where we find it hardest to let go, even if it threatens to kill us.

Yet it is time. At this time, the boundaries between the abodes of the living and the dead dissolve. Dark emotional energy from our Scorpionic past seems to rise, permeating the entire planet, literally putting us all through the fires of hell to burn away our false values, and through the Taurus North Node, establish a whole new set of values by which to move forward. This ‘witchy’ Scorpionic energy is accessible to most humans to work with, both constructively and destructively. Like a dormant volcano, latent chthonic forces buried deep beneath centuries of transgenerational toxicity become unleashed, erupting to the surface to be healed and transformed into something more wholesome and substantial. And of course, there is the warning, that unless consciously controlled and transmuted to generate positive changes, its effect could be dreadful and unpleasant.

Astrologically, eclipse influences creep slowly into our awareness, permeating the areas of life affected in one’s chart. The greater the magnitude, the longer the lead time and aftermath of their symbolic impact. Arguably, dominant themes in our lives have been building for many months and are now pressing to be dealt with.

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Scorpio is the great transformer of the zodiac, so inherent at this time is the potential for positive changes in the fields of death-preventing medical procedures, research dealing with personality disorders, diseases, toxins and epidemics, finance and commerce, power dynamics around sexuality and gender, crime and genocide, the restoration of the environment and recycling industry, fossil-fuel consumption, espionage and war, and transhumanism. 

Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, has to do with power and the slow machinations of evolution. We see power as endemic in dominating sociopolitical regimes and corporate takeovers, liquidations and mergers, oligarchy, dictatorships, and the agendas of massive wealth transfers. The lunar eclipse, where the Scorpio Moon’s reflective light energy from the Taurus Sun becomes blocked when the earth intercedes, always climaxes these matters by causing a massive energetic blackout. 

Coupled with the Taurus eclipses, this pair of lunations along the Moon’s Nodal axis shifts all humanity into an evolved version of psychoemotional, material and economic consciousness. Seismic world events, landslides, fires and floods, financial and economic catastrophes, and their enduring effects upon society have an uncanny way of forcing an irrevocably tumultuous shift upon those areas of your life impacted by the Scorpio/Taurus dichotomy, either directly or subliminally (see your current horoscope for details).

Now is a perfect time for psychic clear­ing work. Active at the Scorpio South Node, earthbound spirits and pernicious entities still possessing humanity from past incarnations are ready to leave this earth. Since both Scorpio and Taurus have to do with attachment and desire for sex, money, and power, confrontations and possessive feelings of rage, jealousy, and envy about these things become prevalent in our lives.

Unfavourable self-talk and demeaning self-stories, adverse energy that comes from cultural programming, ancestral programming that stems from a traumatised family lineage, and unaddressed, bottled-up emotions build up to a climax around this eclipse. With a stationing Saturn forming a T-square to this eclipse, the frustration felt by anyone holding on to past baggage, particularly those with planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) can be most intense.

How do these affect your sign? Your special ‘lunar eclipse horoscope’ provides an intensive delineation to identify which area each zodiac sign needs to focus on how to release negative energies and bring in constructive changes. Be sure to read both your Sun & Rising signs to get the complete picture, and feel welcome to share your comments and feedback; your own experiences during these lunations are always interesting to other readers.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing eclipse xx

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(Cover Art by Aykut Aydogdu)

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