“I’ll Be Your Mirror” – The FULL MOON at 26°46′ LIBRA, Saturday, April 16, 18:56 UTC

There are some dire warnings to heed in this penultimate lunation before the coming Eclipses (April 30-Solar, May 16-Lunar). Under this glowing Libra Full Moon, we may see our world divided into two parts: One is where we are together with our beloveds, and there is all harmony, hope, and light; the other is where we are not, and there is sadness, anger and darkness. This Moon holds up to our face some crucial questions in the eternal struggle between war and peace…

Is your appetite for action, distraction, excitement and incitement upsetting the equilibrium, composure, balanced lifestyle and harmony in your relationships?

Do your moods fluctuate from high to low, rarely stabilise at the cen­ter?

Are you swinging between leaping impulsive­ly into new and stimulating pursuits and feeling paralysed by too many options, unable to choose or commit to any single course of action?

These are only some of the dilemmas faced under the Libra Full Moon, which, opposite the Aries Sun, polarises our mind and instincts between the action-oriented, impulsive, frank, direct, out­spoken versus the thoughtful, relationship-focused, tactful, flattering, vacillating, evaluating, indecisive, codependent.

Much self-defining is going on, either happening internally or acted out through our affairs and associations with others. We become both protagonist and antagonist of our own story until we can confront the issues that trouble us most.

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Insecurities about our own identity can lead us to become overly engaged with those around us, as if seeking their approval and assurance. Unconsciously, we can be exceptionally receptive and possibly oversensitive to their reactions, opinions, and validation, perhaps trying too hard to be liked. We are quick to belligerence and aggressive action if we sense we are not being well-received or accepted.

The cardinal-fire energy of Aries is entirely self-centred, intensely forthright and subjective. What it lacks in perspective and restraint, it makes up for in its raw, honest intent, both in action and thought. At this lunation, our thrust to be our natural, unbridled selves seeks contrast and reference from the world around us, specifically those we stand to affect significantly.

Picture yourself at a talent quest, standing before three judges, ready to perform your act: You enter the room with enthusiasm and ardour, ready to make an impression. You know you have something distinctive in you, seeking to be noticed and appreciated. You boldly project yourself to these unknowns, striving to satisfy both your desire to be liked and selected and to assert your uniqueness.

Such is the scenario when the Aries Sun stands opposite the Libra Moon. The reflection of Libran lunar energy to the Arian excitability is moderating and balancing. The Libran proficiency to carefully per­ceive and evaluate our actions’ qualities helps determine which of the many expressions and possibilities is most viable and can select what works and what is merely borne from inexperience, ineptitude and hasty action.

If we are liked, we will be told in no uncertain terms how and why. If we are not liked, we will generally receive the kind of feedback we need to hear. This does not necessarily mean it will be well-received. Since the Aries Sun is currently in conjunction with Eris, the scornful, troublesome sister of Ares (Mars), and squares the compulsive, manipulative Pluto, it is most likely that we will discover in what sense our raw intensity turns others off, drives others away, or prevents the bonds between us from becoming firm and enduring.

The enduring Eris/Pluto square, this epic ‘make or break’ evolutionary grind, has been most challenging for all earthlings over these past 2-3 years, causing interminable struggles in our striving for acknowledgement, appreciation, love and acceptance. Ultimately it’s about survival – nature’s way of telling us that we each need to step up our act if we want to pass the audition.

When the energy we invest into forming or maintaining relationships demands an upgrade, yet we are stuck in regressive, even primitive codes of conduct, the highly intellectualised Libran sense of fairness is quick to judge. The cardinal-air Libra is instantly repulsed by vulgar, distasteful, crude, inappropriate, incorrect, unjust, thoughtless and disproportionate displays. She needs to be assured that what she experiences will be emotionally, intellectually and spiritually compatible. Where others are involved, we need to see every effort that they will demonstrate fair­ness, consideration and a willingness to cooperate.

If we are not aware of just how annoying our actions can sometimes be or are attempting to dominate others, especially our part­ner, then the reaction of anger quickly escalates to rage, scorn and intense strife.

Observe the current state of our planet and the intensity of its currents due to gross imbalances. When we acknowledge that others are being entirely self-centred, hell-bent on fulfilling their individualistic desires, not contributing equally or treating us fairly, we unwittingly provoke the very conflict we are trying to avoid.

Agitation, conflict, and wars directly result from not showing adequate respect, consideration, and cooperation with others. Forcibly imposing our will for personal expression at the expense of the liberties and freedoms of others ultimately has its consequences. Under this lunation, the Libra Moon mirrors a stark awareness of others. We are called to assert our individualistic Arian desires and intentions without distressing others; resolve interpersonal problems by finding mutually restorative solutions.

How are you most likely causing strife and discord in your relationships? Can you see what part of your act needs to change for you to live by higher laws and to form loving, enduring relationships? 

Below are links to your full horoscope readings for this lunation. Please read them carefully, combining your Rising Sign (external affairs), Sun Sign (soul’s intent), and even Moon Sign (the inner you) to glean where the most significant conflicts lie and how to address them.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx

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(Cover Art by Irina Vitalievna Karkabi)

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