“Welcoming the New Feminine” A Prelude to the Pisces New Moon

The feminine ‘planets’ – the MOON (needs), VENUS (desires), NEPTUNE (dreams) form the matrix into which we create our material reality.

All that you experience in the physical world is feminine. It is the feminine energy; the mater that holds you; supports your intentions, allows the non-manifest to manifest. Feminine energy is the emotional mirror that reflects your design.

Even your experience of the most aggressive man is of the feminine energy – your masculine projection ricocheted back at you.

Be mindful. We are in a liminal state.

If we look closely, we can observe something extremely abstruse, yet significantly poignant is occurring to the awakened beings upon this earth at this profound moment. As Venus/Mars prepare to pass through Pluto’s soul-regenerative underworld, we come to renounce our ideas of gender in the conventional sense.

Those who see through the smoky mirror; the divisive construct of ego in the 3D material, can also see that our struggle has nothing to do with gender. It all has to do with energy.

It is the feminine energy that facilitates all creation, allowing the unborn, the obscured, the unimaginable – like an idea, to become engendered into form, into being, to become born, and realised.

Our entire experience in the world around us, absolutely everything we encounter, is held, together, by the great feminine force. Remembering that the only way anything exists in your world is through the feminine force, allows the conscious shapeshifting to commence.

En masse, we are ready to transform. By deliberately breaking socially imposed taboos, relinquishing our attachment to the limitations and restrictions of outworn social norms, transgressing the old fear-ridden paradigms in the feminine field, we are ready to break through the old matrix.

By tantrically aligning our intention for collective unity, harmony and unconditional acceptance into the feminine field, we are ready to dispel a world fraught with malevolence and darkness, obscured by the tyranny of lies and distortions, and begin to create a whole new dream for this planet.

We gotta hold it together now people. This Plutoficaction of Venus and Mars is going to first polarise to the extremes before totally breaking down our emotions toward one another, leading us (for a while) into one of the darkest chasms we can know.

Trying to keep ourselves together will be hard, and possibly cold and lonely unless we break through the veneer of the relentless advertising campaign to keep us ill, scared, broke, spiteful and resentful towards the matrix.

Your emotions fuel this thing, and whether individually or collectively, if you generate negative emotions, you empower the world of tyranny and oppression.

Under Jupiter/Neptune, we gotta shift beyond the religion or perfunctory spirituality that shallowly preaches “think happy thoughts”. We need to stop this and any other escapist bullshit. We might actually need to expand science into mysticism, to help us fight the harsh divisiveness within and focus all our feminine energy towards regenerating an emotional field that restores balance to the madness that is unfolding (out there and inside).


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  1. Excellent and timely message. Thank you.