“UNDER SIEGE” – Fixed Planetary T-Square (Nov 11-19)

It is clear that under these FIXED T-SQUARE skies, things aren’t going to end nicely.

When fixed cosmic energies imbibe through egos, folks won’t budge. We stubbornly stick to our guns, refuse to yield from our position. We would rather hold out, risk breaking one another (or be broken) than bend a little and give up any ground.

In the extreme, we would rather go down with the sinking ship than spare a thought of being captured or ‘rescued and converted’ by our adversaries. A tense siege situation develops…

I was watching a documentary about Ruby Ridge, an eleven-day siege in 1992 in Boundary County, Idaho. Authorities took on a family who decided to live in the middle of nowhere because the patriarch believed it was the end of the world. He had lost all faith in humankind, had no trust left in the government. This got me thinking about another siege inspired by this incident… the one at Waco, which occurred the following year.

During both instances, Saturn was again in Aquarius. When things got tense between those with fixed ideologies and the equally fixated government authorities, the result was an atrocious over-reaction and symbolic carnage:

“Hey chief, we’ve got a guy who lives in the middle of nowhere who doesn’t think you can trust the government.”

“Well, take an army out there and prove him wrong.”

Ebertin describes what’s about to take place in the next few days as:

☿ -♄/♅ The making of great demands upon one’s nervous energy, the ability to hit back hard under provocation, the ability to organise resistance, the act of separating oneself from others. – Necessary changes.

♂ -♄/♅ An act of violence, the occasional wrong use of extraordinary energy, undergoing great efforts and toil. – A violent or forced release from tensions or strains, the stage of challenging others for a decisive contest or fight Injury, accident, deprivation of freedom.

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