‘Pursuit for Knowledge’ – Reflections on the Gemini/Sagittarius Nodes

After 18 months, we learn much about the spiritual drawbacks posed to us during the SOUTH NODE’s transit through Sagittarius. Here, our soul comes to recognise what baggage it must let go of in order to evolve. And yet, the backward pull is strong, and it seems easier to cling to the baggage of our past than to let go and push forward.

Since May 2020, we have seen how a prevalence in moralising has weighed down any progress. The propagation of extremely righteous views, whether they emanate from the grandiose narratives of our religions, culture, media sources, government institutions, academia, corporations, legal systems, law enforcement agencies, etc., or from individuals who espouse themselves with dogmatic adherence to groups who hold radical beliefs have all but destroyed the scientific process.

Here, the edict is “to condemn much is to understand little” and it moves us away from the higher Sagittarian principles to pursue nature’s truths and laws. Rather, it spirals us down into the pits of arrogance and unlawful conspiracies.

The Gemini NORTH NODE summons us to become inquisitive members of society, to observe both sides of any argument evenly, to ask questions and to listen out for answers. In short, the spiritual mantra here should be “to understand all is to forgive all”.

We are in a war – call it a resource war or a spiritual war, whatever – it is one whose vices we must all rise to fight sooner or later. We will not be able to sit on the fence for much longer, abandoning ethics for false doctrines.

As individuals, before we can become citizens of this glorious, emerging new earth, we must question whether there is still too much moralising going on and not enough pursuit for knowledge.

PS – with MERCURY now at the South Node, the SOLAR ECLIPSE (Dec 4) and MARS approaching (Dec 15), the moralising maelstrom raised over these next couple of weeks could become extremely obscene, even dangerous. Time to really examine which beliefs to let go of and which prefects and preachers to bid farewell.