[art: Pascal Campion, “October Night”]

Obstacles, frustrations, circumstances… Let us not let anything stand between us now. We need each other more than ever.

I’m sorry for everything.

On this enchanted Halloween, take life’s hurts and limitations and turn them into opportunities to heal.

Blisses 🎈

That was the thing with enduring such a sustained square from the two most outermost heavenly bodies (Pluto/Eris – Sep-Oct) – that we knew how, by the end of this, we would not only come away inextricably torn between one another over everything (everything!) but over issues so big and so disturbingly unfixable that we may just be in danger of losing all hope for our humanity.

But not.
Nothing is lost, my dearest friends.

Something phenomenal is about to shake things up, illuminate the distant skylines on the eve of this hoary year’s darkest night (Nov 5)…

Something impossible to predict, because humanity has not yet seen the likes of such profundity. Be sure, that when you witness it that you do not merely turn a blind eye, for the most threatening viruses that imperil our coming together are our ignorance and apathy. Catastrophe cannot be prevented nor cured – it is simply a result of our unawareness.

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