HUMANITY’S BLACK SWAN MOMENT – New Moon at 12°40′ Scorpio, Thursday, November 04, 21:15 UTC

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It is New Moon again – the synodic reset between the Sun and Moon’s cyclical rhythm. At this time of the month, we have a chance to purge old, stagnant energies that accumulate in the body and begin to refresh them with new ones. The area of experience activated in our lives by each lunation is indicated in the horoscope and tells where we both consciously and instinctively wish to make a fresh start.

In the sign of Scorpio, cosmic energies are of the fixed/water modality, dealing with intense and biased emotions steeped in willful desire. Astrologers commonly regard this to be a most unfavourable placement for the Moon since our tendency to take personal affairs very seriously sometimes leads us to possessive and extremely jealous, unforgiving, resentful and vindictive behaviour in some cases.

The Scorpio Sun consciously highlights our superpower – where we tend to be most passionate, fiercely loyal, penetrating, tenacious, capable of confronting and channelling powerful emotions, regenerative and healing through our determination to eliminate inessentials.

Conversely, the Moon in this sign (of her fall) can show us where we tend to become demonically possessed by the little green monster, reacting in extremes by holding grudges and conniving to take revenge. We find it hard to forgive and let go (purge) old emotional wounds at this event since we do not easily forget personal insults and injuries. Hence, at 12°40′ Scorpio, this is the hardest lunation to manage due to the drama, unnecessary pain, and suffering accompanying any fresh start we feel we must make now.

The lunation is significantly challenged by opposition to Uranus, in ‘fall’ through Taurus, where innovations con­cerning the use of money and resources, reforms in business, economics and more humanitarian means considerably impact our personal lives especially the stability of our relationships.

In many ways, this can be a turbulent period, both personally and in the greater scheme of global events. We must avoid any tendencies towards brooding and hellbent destructiveness at all costs. Consider this lunation as a golden opportunity to restructure any failing family and domestic situations. Examine how we tend to domi­nate others through subtle means, where we trespass the prerogative of others by prying, scheming, exploiting them by using insights gained for selfish means and unsavoury agendas.

These ‘dark’, insidious energies become extremely exposed in our personal interactions and the global sociopolitical arena. They are up for renewal because we no longer have the resources to sustain or support ongoing abuses and violations. To achieve a worthwhile objective, we must be open and definite about our motives for all our actions. We are heading into a period of great transparency, where excessive attachment to personal desires is immediately exposed. Cruel, selfish or undignified conduct must be examined and dropped when revealed that honourable intentions and appropriate motivations are not present.

As we head into eclipse season (Nov 19-Dec 04), we get a sense of the socioeconomic turbulence that lies ahead. Eclipses are like cosmic wildcards, blindsiding us and throwing our best-laid plans into serious disarray. The year ends with the final instalment in this year’s series of earth-shattering Saturn/Uranus squares (Dec. 25), a sure sign that any established empire doesn’t end without significant upheaval from the people.

We can feel the nervous tension and restlessness building in the air. Unless we are aware that all intentions to exercise our power will be met with some resistance and disruptiveness, we stand to go into this very unnerving two-month period with an almost oblivious sense of ignorance and denial of our own selfish desires. These are destructive and will ultimately take us down unless we rise above them.

Here, below are the links to your special horoscope readings, painstakingly prepared to provide you with some degree of vision as to where to place your utmost attention at this present moment. Please enjoy.

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