If you’re struggling right now,
feeling stuck,
can’t seem to make your square peg
fit into such a round hole,
then think again…

… was it ever really going to fit?

Our best-laid plans often go awry when an obsessive MERCURY/MARS squares the groupthink neostructures of SATURN.

At this Aquarian quarter moon, we learn why our self-soothing mechanisms, our compulsions to control and unappeasable addictions will no longer work in a world so disinclined to tolerate any more of that toxic shit.

Own it. It isn’t welcome, you cannot force it and there’s no way around the problem – only frustration and delay, for all our reckless negligence and willful disregard just will not go.

(Believe it or not) we are all in some pretty serious dank unless we change our ways – both personally and collectively; take some accountability for the junk that will no longer stand.

In the prelude to next week’s eclipse, we discuss why extremist behaviours, fuelled by virulently poisonous & warped ideologies are not the solution or a plan but a problem just waiting to blow (if we keep pushing)…