“A Shift in Tone” – Mercury & Venus entering Scorpio/Capricorn

Nice little yod forming to the North Node between Mercury & Venus now.

…and by ‘nice’ i mean kinda nasty, since Mercury in Scorpio has an edgy, sarcastic bite to his usual delivery of messages, while Venus in Capricorn is very hard-arsed and contrived in how she shows her affections.

Perfect little time to connect with the artists and poets that help get to the core of things & decipher wtf is going on – I mentioned comics and comedians in an earlier post (I have a trusty repertoire of onliners who I follow daily to help bring a sense of sanity and groundedness) as well as a select circle of very sober-minded friends off whom to bounce.

Also, just observe the ‘new’ contacts coming into your life right now – they may be uneasy for you, but they help to kinda bring you down to earth a little…


  1. Happy Birthday to me…Ang/Angel/Angelo Stoic .Archie is my grandson’s name born 2018
    This year feels so strange…but this helps
    Thank you

    • “We are angels 👼 we have forgotten these things 🌚 Trailing clouds of glory 🌤
      We are remembering 🌟”
      Grounded for a short lifespan here in time and space we find freedom in Innerspace 🌞🦢🕊🤗🙏
      Deep Peace xox

    • Thank you, Edel. Happy belated!

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