What do you stand to lose?

Remember, others can only control you so long as you fear losing something; something which you will soon arguably lose anyway.

Trust your intuition on this. Sooner or later, the precious thing that binds you; that defines your slavery, shall be lost, stolen or become utterly worthless.

Only then, when you have lost it all, will you no longer feel under the spell of anyone’s power. Only then will you will be truly free again.

Saturn/Neptune now match the Sun/Uranus, forming a strange midpoint picture, both of rebellion but sadness and confusion. We feel for each other, but are too fatigued to feel enough. We feel just enough to want to be left alone, which in itself is enough of a rebellion.

Ebertin describes these two pictures with some degree of warning:

♄ -☉/♅ Rebellion against the limitation of freedom, inhibitions and difficulties are overcome through extraordinary efforts. – Sudden separation, sudden loss, a separation from another person carried out in haste.

♆ -☉/♅ Inhibited urge to action, blind zeal can only be detrimental. – unexpected events connected with water, navigation or flying. – In isolated cases disintegration of the body, death.

We covered some of the wilder dispositions this next week may hold in Part 1 of our New Moon report. Part 2 continues at the end of next week – lots to meditate on here…

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