There is a good chance the rising authoritarian structure, which aspires to a much more global reach than any of its 20th-century antecedents, will better tolerate the existence of its enemies, although it will still marginalise them, push them outside the bounds of mainstream society.

Sure, that will be uncomfortable, even ‘fatal’ for some, however, there is a better chance of survival for those detractors than its supporters.

Totalitarian dictatorships, however benevolent in pretence, are ultimately very destructive. That’s their whole purpose, to destroy the mess that came before, then destroy themselves, clearing the way for something new…

HOPEFUL REMINDER: All totalitarian systems of authority ultimately end up destroying themselves, by the sheer character of their being (force cannot be sustained forever).

Maintaining one’s sovereignty is the only noble way of staying the course (and we must stay alive throughout the process). Staying true and incognito is another thing because this system is very comprehensive at finding its antagonists, isolating them…

Within this system, develops a master race of ‘deceptors’ and secretive hackers. An entire generation (let’s call them Pluto in Scorpio) immediately go to work to create a sub-subterranean culture that seeks to damage and depose the decrepit old guard, and replace their order with a minefield of booby traps and new viruses that eventually destroy everything.

I know, not chirpy, but the whole process will be over much faster than you can imagine, and [spoiler alert] what emerges is a whole new dimension of consciousness that is neither corruptable nor capable of secret, selfish agenda.

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  1. Thank you! Love your posts. Wish you well in this strange times…