on the SUN/MARS CONJUNCTION at 15°06′ Libra (PARTILE Oct 9)

During such Sun/Mars transits, it’s almost fashionable to get offended. Or least, the right thing to do is to take an offensive stance. This doesn’t put others on the defensive, on the contrary, it flares them into counteroffensive action. At the very least, there is an impasse. But yeah, it usually ignites wars. Which could be sexy. But no, just usually develops into a shit fight.

Before you know it, we’re all packing a little heat, just waiting to be triggered.

Some folks (Mars/Aries types) actually get hooked on feeling offended all the time, it gives them a certain rush of blood to the head to be constantly on the offensive. In Libra’s case, I would say that asserting one’s social and aesthetic ideals in a self-righteous and morally superior way makes them feel validated.

A WARNING THOUGH: if you’re the easily offended kind, you risk dissipating all ability to truthfully discern any situation and your outward indignation and ire risk you spiralling into a frenzied madness, fuelled only by your own masked biases and contempt for what you deem as ‘wrong’.

This is hardly an axiom from which to attain any basis for peace and harmony in your world.

MORAL: You cannot be ‘right’ and expect to have peace and love.

Oh, yes… a reminder that we have cosmic bus in a few hours – I’ll explain where we’re all going with this, since the next New Moon (Oct 6) will be flaring with Martial vigour. See you soon x

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