LAST QUARTER MOON at 06°09′ Cancer

On this LAST QUARTER MOON, you may feel an instinctive urge to retreat from the unsolicited advice and judgments of others. These may be sensed as being self-serving, cunning and mockingly passive-aggressive, and that does not sit well with you at all.

Similarly, it would seem that people are not listening to you, regardless of how convincingly you have constructed your argument. You may be applying too much force and manipulation to persuade them, regardless of your intentions, which are possibly blind to greater cosmic agendas. Observe how others prefer to close themselves off in an effort to defend themselves, or at least shield their feelings from your “reasonable” dictates.

There is currently an unprecedented level of coercive control circulating in the underbelly of our collective subconscious. Its intent is to possess and coral human mind-systems into a regenerative process, hell-bent on enslaving and restructuring all society and its cultures (PLUTO-ERIS effect).

The lesson here is, that when we choose to follow the road that our peers, parents or authority figures have gone down, much discord and disarray follows from not doing what we feel is best for ourselves. The Cancer Moon magnifies our emotional anxieties and shynesses. In such an atmosphere, our personal vulnerabilities and sensitivities may take a back seat to how others perceive us.

The grand AIR TRINE (☉/♂ △ ♄ △ ☊) indicates the groupthink control (♄ at 07°♒04’Rx), now being enforced by political authorities (☉/♂♎) to precipitate societal evolutionary shifts (☊ ♊). These malefics on the nodal axis bring us into encounters with those who try to restrain our natural impulses or try to restrain our misdirected activities to align with the group agenda. The ☉/♂ ☍ Chiron attempts to shame self-assertion, and may cause wound, harm or injury to those who take a maverick approach.

DO NOT FEEL SHAMED into making any IMPORTANT DECISIONS at this time. Sleep on it. If your need for emotional support, approval and encouragement drives you to go along, or even worship anyone who promises it to you, then you are heading for huge conflicts and regrets, not too long from now.

Know that your greatest endowments are inside of you. You need to search your core self for various ways to express your innate gifts in ways that will both honour your authenticity and earn the true respect of others.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☽ □ ☉ | ☿S℞ □ ♇/Er | ☉/♂ △ ♄ △ ☊ | ♀ △ ♆ | ☉/♂ ☍ Ch

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