[image: Buster Keaton]

There’s no reason to go along with the crowd and no excuse for compromising your conviction under the impertinent assumption that, if you go as they go, they will accept you; respect you; honour you for joining them.

They will not. The herd mentality is weak, it runs on a lower frequency vibration than that generated by your chastity of heart.

However, if you choose to go your way, remember that you must continue to accept them for going their way. Let them go their way, think what they want to think, offer them your sincerest blessings; for these hapless drones, these ‘birds of a feather’ will contend that they have no other choice but to stick together. They are bound together by fear, caught in the slipstream of linear time, a history and future which they do not entirely comprehend, merely at the mercy of its consequence.

And they may judge you because that’s how their statuses like to quo. You are by no means weaker or inferior for standing alone. You may just feel this way right now because the crowd has a way of wearing down your sense of autonomy and conviction, bringing you down to their level…

Stay strong. Just a little further.
There is strength and dignity in your aloneness.

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