Maintaining Mental Health: THIRD QUARTER MOON REPORT at 07°09′ GEMINI – Monday, August 30

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The course of discussions and debate takes a turn this week since the greater themes posed to us by heavy transits, like the lugubrious Saturn/Neptune semi-square and the species-pulverising Pluto/Eris square are already starting to show serious effects upon the health and well-being of many in the general population. To say that humanity is undergoing some grim and disorienting times is without question, but if the end result is to transform our species – the way it thinks, lives and breathes – then this becomes a week when we perhaps start to question a lot more than merely our own survival and start thinking about the greater consequences of current actions.

Monday’s third-quarter Moon is a super mental event since both the Virgo Sun vs Gemini Moon are ruled by MERCURY – that restlessly giddy god who controls all communication and the intellect. Whilst these two signs may have a lot in common, in truth, Gemini and Virgo don’t get along so easily because the earthy Virgo is way too practical and efficient for the flighty, loquacious Gemini. Disagreements arise where there appears to be a continuing need to articulate our latest, often ingenious, thoughts as well as brilliant ideas. However cleverly we may use our intelligence to rationalise our troubles and woes, we are forced under this lunation to try to keep emotions under control so we can avoid getting hurt because, for the most part, we are sensitive and vulnerable to the thoughts and ideas from others.

That said, this Gemini third-quarter Moon will be hovering over the North Node, making discussion especially important if we are to maintain some semblance of sanity. This can be a neurotic time for many souls with mental problems or who struggle making decisions or focusing their minds on serious, life-determining decisions. The proximity of this quarter-moon to the wicked PLUTO/ERIS square might appear to suck the psychic life force out of us, even if the discussion we must have is of critical importance. For instance, you may find any debate so off-putting that it only causes you anguish or disgust.

The main problem under this mutable lunation could be that you lack serious incentive to make a solid commitment to accept any singular fact; with a dark tendency to grimly dismiss others’ views as inconsistent, incomplete, nonsensical or to blame them for being confused, dull or plain stupid and misinformed. With MARS in Virgo opposing NEPTUNE, we must be mindful not to go too hard on those who just don’t get our best intentions to ‘help out’, and vice versa. If you can’t find it in you to show some empathy and compassion for what you see is an earnest attempt to assist, then the best recourse is to gently excuse yourself and walk away. So mercurial is the spirit of this occasion that it is especially prone to leave us filled with restless discontentment and a sense of spiritual dissatisfaction that anything going on is ever going to reach a solution.

Yet we must try to engage somehow, for the Gemini North Node is trying to create opportunities where we can come to the table and at least listen to one another’s ideas.

Look out for those who are acting especially critical, surly, sulky, irritable and too quick to find fault. With PLUTO/ERIS in the mix, the root causes of their mental anguish are devastatingly deep, complex, and largely obscured. Everyone is trying to survive, and some may be so desperately close to the edge that they’re virtually beyond recovery. People are prone to react in immensely extreme and even violent ways. It is best to stay out of harm’s way. Leave the extremists alone and focus on honing your own ideas in a more centred, balanced way.

This energy is manifested in the greater world, with violent natural disasters, as well as increasingly draconian approaches to solving the bigger biotech and sociopolitical problems plaguing our earth. Those who can remain reasonably open and discerningly practical in their problem-solving approach will benefit most, mainly by being able to hold it together in the face of conflicting information.

If you’re dispelling anyone’s opinion and ‘doing your own research’, you may be at risk of ‘downloading’ way more data than you can possibly process, hence being left incapable of applying it in any practical manner. Only chew on what your mind and body are capable of actually digesting. Glutting on ideas might seem cool, but your sources may be too scattered or too sketchy to validate and use. Whilst you may claim to know a little bit about every subject on earth, any voracious data-grazing could lead to simply garnering a superficial grasp of any particular subject. In any case, trying to explain it to others with a know-it-all attitude, often to those who could care less, could leave you feeling exasperated and worn out.

It is important to take note of precisely where you tend to bore and lose others by spruiking your specially-concocted spiel on all the latest ‘hot topics’ (politics, law, medicine and civil liberties, etc). Watch too how some narratives (even from ‘official’ sources) are reaching the point of droning you down because they have either shut down your critical thinking or not allowed you to question them.

HINT: in essence, nobody truly cares what anyone thinks anymore. It might appear that we each have our own set of ideas and beliefs, ones which even we ourselves can barely understand, let alone argue out with others in any convincing manner. We must avoid the Sadge SN trap of preaching ‘our truth’ as the definitive gospel. We should have learned by now, in the closing phases of this nodal axis transit in Gem/Sadge that, at best, we’re probably swimming alone in that abyss of endless confusion. Be assured, that the less we force the argument, the greater our chances of allowing the ‘ultimate truth’ to express itself. Nature has her way of revealing herself to us, if only we stop trying to contort and violate her higher, immutable laws.

OK, so the best thing to do under this moon is to try to muster a clearer sense of direction for yourself, tidy up your act a little and if you must genuinely know more about things that interest you, then conduct a careful study of books (not merely youtube vids) – books – written by the masters and irrefutable authorities on the topic. And keep reading; gather real knowledge, make lots of detailed notes, organise and file them in places you can easily access later – they’ll come in handy in early next week (at the Virgo New Moon) when you will need to form a definite and specific plan on how best to tackle the enormous responsibility that lies ahead for you (along with every single other human on this earth). These are some serious times here, and we ain’t fooling. Most of all, take tender care of your health, especially your mental health during this week.

I’ll be back to do a cosmic bus lunation report at the end of the week, along with a whole bunch of fresh horoscope readings. In the meantime try and keep it light, because hey, someone needs to.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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