A Rush of Blood to the Head: NEW MOON IN VIRGO – Tuesday, September 7 – 00:53 UTC

The New Moon, occurring at 14°38′ Virgo, presents us with a compelling opportunity to hone in on a specific area of our lives and deal with it in our own, inimitable way. Same celestial phenomenon – various points of view. Here, at the Moon synodic reset to the Sun, her unconscious, instinctive energies align with his clear, conscious, creating a confluence of mind-body impulses to move, either in a brand new way or merely reinforce an existing way.

At this moment, something urgent and profound is coming through. Though it may seem shocking and totally unexpected, you may soon come to admit that it was indeed expected, you just refused to prepare, and now it’s here…

[image: Naoto Hattori]

New Moons are a coming together of primal energies. Feel into how certain pressing matters have been conspiring to summon your undivided attention lately. Observe how those matters are calling you to make a firm decision. With the synergy of Mars here, also currently in Virgo, taking action on our decisions may become an irrepressible necessity.

In this mutable earth sign, Virgo lunations accentuate the primary attributes of practicality, ensuring we keep up to speed with the necessary skills and tools to utilise and manage material concerns and financial resources more efficiently. The annual lunation in this sign embodies our interests in these things, ensuring that shrewd practicality is applied with intelligence and dexterity. We see this in our work, health, functional routine, and how we deal with anxiety, stress and problematic issues.

Virgo, the virgin/maiden – the sign of the harvest – symbolises the purification process as a preparatory step towards further development. Following on from the bombast, glory and bluster of last month’s fiery Leo lunations, Virgo focuses her efforts on the stripping down and refinement of the ego, rendering a grounding effect to any personal motives still tinged with Leo’s overt behaviour. She tames down any wild, audacious drives into something more functional, useful and ready for service.

Virgo’s preoccupation with efficiency, duty, economic restraint and her strong ethic towards continuous improvement and physical well-being are highly commendable. Yet, her perfectionism can often degenerate into an attitude of pedantry and, more negatively, an air of conceit and hypercriticism. At this lunation, the concentration of Sun, Moon, and Mars energies will undoubtedly compel us to get the job done or, given the earth trine to the obsessive Pluto, set out a plan to “complete it at any cost”. Pluto’s square to Eris adds a tinge of “get with the program or be left out in the cold” to this – a running theme for 2020-2021. As we are seeing, there are many different ways that one might take this.

Of course, we must consider each lunation in context to other planetary transits, especially those in aspect to this event. Here we see an almost precise (-0º01′) trine to Uranus. The planet Uranus symbolises an extraneous force that manifests as sudden reversals of life patterns, unexpected shifts in consciousness, flashes of pure insight, and lightning blasts of new ideas and innovative concepts. Uranus acts as a conduit through which profound forces flow into awareness with electric rapidity. Uranus also stimulates a surge of independence, rebellion, erratic and unconventional behaviour, acts of radical insurgency.

Whist the earth-trine influence of Uranus in Taurus lends this Virgo lunation’s intention for efficiency and utility the latest innovative ideas; it does not make this lunation exceptionally stable. The New Moon acts as a channel via which we can utilise innovative new tools & material resources, endowing us all with an electrified, magnetised charge. There is a spark of hope here, for if all goes well, we are left feeling illuminated.

Contrary to popular opinion, Uranus doesn’t always act destructively. It does suggest that there may be some upsets and disruptions, though, and only when there is resistance to its influence does it manifest as destructive. Still, anything wiped out suddenly (old ideas, habits, traditions, relationships, possessions etc.) was probably due for renewal anyway. This lunation promises Promethean-scale changes that will sweep through all humankind, shocking revelations that have the potential effect of reorganising (often by first disorganising) our old ways of doing things to usher in a new way.

In this strange world of pandemics and fears about survival and untimely death, those who have been living in a repressed manner, where vital elements of their inherent freedoms have been denied, neglected, or ignored, the trine from Uranus acts to speed up the moment of release, at least from the not knowing. In the lead up to this New Moon, if you have been experiencing anxious anticipation, nervously agitated, restless, excitable, or driven by an overwhelming urge for change and deliverance from the shackles of the past, then this lunation offers a chance at liberation, awakening and illumination from the linear time sequence. In any sense, it will stir up both your inner and outer experiences with such enervating intensity that things are seldom the same afterwards. And they won’t be, I promise you.

This lunation quarters up to direct T-square to Neptune a week later, where it seems, with Saturn also in the mix, that some area of current worldly experiences clashes brutally with our most profound spiritual longings. Whist the result can be utter confusion, despair and disappointment, Virgo’s faculty for acute discrimination (Virgo is opposite from woolly, woozy Neptune in Pisces) will help us to clarify for ourselves what is practical, to facilitate both our spiritual and material growth and what is merely a fantasy or delusion. So yeah, time to wake up and face the music, one might say.

I’ll have more on that in next week’s episode of Cosmic Bus, but for now, please read how this lunation might affect you personally in your lunation horoscope readings & special, guided intentions.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing New Moon xx

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