1st Quarter Moon Report – LIVE TOMORROW

Leading into next Tuesday’s ultra-messy 1Q MOON (21°♐16′) we risk making mountains out of molehills, amplify our own or others’ shortcomings and become hyper-unbearable with our criticisms. The distress becomes insufferable, and we look for a way out.

Of course, where there’s no escape, sometimes the only way out is to go in.

With SATURN/NEPTUNE it comes to pass that the greater our illusions over what is right and wrong in others, the greater the anguish and grief we create; and with VENUS, that deep, inner grief we feel in our hearts comes from an acceptance that our love illusions may never be realised….

Full Live Report Tomorrow – Friday Night (USA)/Saturday Morning

01:00 UTC – 18:00 PDT – 19:00 MDT – 20:00 CDT – 21:00 EDT – 11:00 AEST – 03:00 SAST

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  1. As a Taurus Sun, i felt this Venus intensely, as you described it, Ang ~

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