UPSETS to INDIVIDUALISM and THE POWER OF THE HERD MIND – The LEO NEW MOON at 16°14′ – Sunday, August 08, 13:51 UTC

THE LEO LUNATION highlights the qualities of self-belief, strong personal integrity, social approval and idealism of one’s place in the world. These qualities derive from the fixed-fire element – a spirited approach to holding the integrity of our being, usually drawn from the intellectual fantasy that ours is the right way, one that everyone should observe, honour and respect. Hence, this lunation activates that wonderful, albeit somewhat unrealistic code of ethics – those rigid codes of conduct that we generally adopt for ourselves from our dominant parent (usually the father) early in our lives.

Whether consciously or instinctively, we each aspire to become governors of our own little kingdom. We understand our place in the order of things, hold our special purpose with honour and pride, radiating passion and enthusiasm for our individual cause and its respective ideologies and are not afraid to accept responsibility to make something special of ourselves along these lines.

At the height of this lunation (Sunday, August 08, 13:51 UTC), we draw from the tremendous synergy of the Moon (instincts) aligning with the Sun (conscious will). The fusion of these two primal energies at 16°14′ generates a powerful urge within each of us to stand for who we are; to express our principles and beliefs with a firm sense of confidence and pride, and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to preserve and maintain our own, distinct identity.

Oppositions to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius can make this lunation particularly challenging, especially for those with planets/points in the fixed signs. Here the harshly impersonal and collective effects of Aquarius imposes a kind of herd scrutiny and mob morality upon Leo’s personal ethics. Also, considerable tension and resistance from the square to Uranus cause sudden breaks and tremors. These outer planets have been at odds for most of this year. They indicate that all is not well in the greater kingdom – old social structures are being tested and disrupted by radical, often erratic forces. These funnel through into our natural world and through our sociopolitical relationships with seemingly supernatural effects. Hence, they challenge the old, familiar role we ideally wish to play in ways that seem rude and disturbing. Our character is exposed to incidents that may pose physical, mental and emotional tests of strength. We feel subjected to an atmosphere of resistance, defiance, unyielding pressure to be our old, familiar selves and to change our ways.

This fixed T-square raises the tension between attempts to uphold traditional methods and the sudden or rapid introduction of sweeping change and innovation, creating enormous upset and resistance in our world. We may feel confronted by too many radical social and technological forces trying to shift us out of our preciously held comfort zone. The old kingdom seems in danger of anarchy and revolution. If you feel that the mob is closing in around the castle, challenging your rightful entitlements, threatening your sense of economic security and questioning your firmly held code of ethics, then you are feeling the full impact of this lunation. Nestled between two consecutive Aquarius Full Moons, something significant is about to shift for you (and everyone else, really).

Observe an increased pressure to break through old barriers, especially in our antiquated thinking. The immense pressure to keep up to speed with all the latest innovations and insights, embrace and integrate new technologies and radical methods of modernisation; new medicines; the demand for progressive sociopolitical reforms to old, autocratic and elitist systems; prohibition and censure to erroneously adopted freedoms and entitlements, could cause tremendous backlash and resistance from many different factions, each seeking to preserve their place on the old throne. Calls for all kinds of recalibration to our essential, empirical sense of how we wish to see ourselves will see many make efforts to mediate and compromise, or otherwise declare sudden wars and horrid conflagrations.

Most of all, we may sense approval from others seems hard to come by. Our demand to be loved and admired by upholding established roles is constrained and twisted by the seemingly unstoppable forces for change. We may struggle to find effective means of giving and receiving admiration and respect by the old means and reconciling what we know and instinctively feel to be true for us may mean coming to terms with strange and agitating new ideas.

Naturally, such frustrations will impact our most treasured relationships, both with our friends and family and within our society. When we feel internally conflicted between preserving the old act and adjusting to the new crowd – views and opinions that now seem to run counter to our own – this energy is generally projected outwards. Unless we revise our material, we suddenly find our audience has become tired or ready to move on. In the medieval sense, if the king should be too demanding for power, privilege or celebrity, or becomes too espoused with opposing and divisive positions, he may feel the heat to forfeit or abdicate, and in the worst-case scenario, be usurped, beheaded and replaced.

Irreconcilable differences between us could cause nervous breakdowns, break-ups and separation, particularly if we struggle to find a balance between the role we wish to keep playing and showing some commitment to adapt to the new styles that others wish to see from us.

Politically too, the divisions grow wider since the differences between the two traditional sides seem to become more disparate. Rulers who remain intent on holding on to rigid arbitrary policy could see factions within their society fragment into extreme states of protest, revolt, anarchy. Although they may try to fortify their position by applying tighter rules and brutal coercion, this force is one that cannot be sustained beyond the duration of the 2021 Saturn/Uranus transit. In a more civilised sense, new legislative processes may temper traditional needs with sweeping reforms. However, this will be a most challenging task, as humanity now faces a protracted period of darkness, as indicated by the tension between greater, more invisible forces currently at play. We have discussed the current transits in detail in our recent episode of cosmic bus [see here].

It is worth noting that CHIRON, the maverick energy that seeks to initiate us into a world of greater understanding, lends its healing hand in this lunation if we are willing to listen and assert ourselves without causing or taking offence. That may be as hard as it sounds during such a divisive time, yet not entirely impossible for those who rise above the most childish, child-like tendencies of the Leo lunation and operate from the wisdom and power of their heart/love centre.

For you personally, there are certain areas worthy of close consideration during this time. For your guidance, I have delineated these in some detail in your special lunation horoscopes and provided each sign with a set of intentions that will assist you in benefiting the most from this special event.

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

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