1ST QUARTER MOON FORECAST: Friday, Jun 18, 04:55 UTC. (27°♍09′)


[1stQM exactly in about 24hs]

Mercury, messenger of the gods, governs over both the Gemini Sun and the Virgo Moon, making this first quarter phase uniquely critical.

Deep feelings and hidden ideas need to be communicated, there is a desire to air opinions, display humour, show off sophistication. However, with Mercury still retrograde, this isn’t so easy. Lines are down and wires are easily crossed. If we are prevented from doing this, agitation and moodiness result. Under the current transits, things could get messy.

Moodiness, restlessness and criticism of others can come about when we experience the discontentment of not being heard. Self-destructive habit patterns, like hitting the booze or pills is not a remedy for mental anguish and frustration. Neither is quibbling with others over infinitesimal insignificance.

Patience. Nobody knows exactly what’s going on right now. Everything is up in the air. Finding recognition for your efforts, regardless of how clever your ideas, can be challenging. Keep working on these, if only for your own development. Be kind to yourself. Do not beat up on the one person who holds the key to greater self-knowledge.

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