Taking Time Out [Cosmic Bus Postponed]

So, in this deadening lull between eclipses now, where the dispositors ☿/♃ are both in dignity and stationing to retro, this is the perfect time to shut out, shut in, shut down and shut up in order to get a clearer gauge on the energetic principle of everything that’s streaming into your consciousness.

Some things are preternaturally working to inspire your creative initiative, helping you form wondrous new tendrils of thinking towards a greater new tomorrow. Many, however, are now steeped with a malignantly destructive purpose and those so confused, who cannot consciously shut them out of their mental streamline – the way we think-believe-and-manifest – risk going down with the old ship.

It’s hard to know just what is what, who is who and which is which, but if anyone’s an expert at anything, it must be you at listening to yourself. Take some time out to be with your beautiful heart. Listen to her, she knows the way…

In tender regard to this, let us defer today’s usual cosmic bus stop and instead spend this moment with ourselves, family and with nature herself. I will be back to commune with you at another moment. Many Moon blessings to you, for now ❤

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