…then there are times when ‘trusting your intuition’ could mean you are clearly ‘out of range’, and it’s best to have all your wits about you, ask the right questions and avoid sailing into unchartered waters.
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I always advise people to tap into their intuition, but only in that it’s less about having flash insights about knowing the ‘right answer’ to everything and more about instinctively knowing which information is unimportant and can thus be discarded.

Knowing what’s meaningless or superfluous to you, say, in regards to personal matters; relationships; your practised area of expertise; your relationship with the divine, often does not require you to confer with outside sources. Your soul speaks to you directly.

Sadly, many people trust neither in themselves nor in some area to which they claim to hold some authority. And yet, they try to insist that they know enough to guide others, especially in areas that are way beyond their scope of understanding.

When someone tells you “trust me on this” when they are clearly unable to provide you with any reason, then they are either pure genius or trying to deceive you. It’s then when you must use your intuition to determine which way to go. Personally though, I wouldn’t trust the same fool twice.

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This eclipse period -STICK WITH THE FACTS, ASK MORE QUESTIONS, STICK WITH THE FACTS, ASK MORE QUESTIONS – there is so much that you do not know, do not assume and glamourise wild hints as divine revelations… when everything is blurry then make a special effort to keep your senses pure, and look both ways before crossing.

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