2002 Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses follow a strange pattern called a Saros Cycle, which repeats every 19 years – families of eclipses, which span between 1200 and 1600 years and comprise 69 to 89 eclipses. There are 38-42 different Saros Cycles active at any given time, each at different stages of their evolution. The pattern of Saros Cycles is very complicated.

The last Lunar Eclipse to occur around 05°♐00′ occurred on May 26, 2002. You might recall, it precisely coincided with the Node-aligned SATURN♊-PLUTO♐ opposition (third in 9 months) – a time when foreign relations were very tense; international travel was limited; security super-tight after 9-11, 9 months earlier and the world was at “war on terror”. The USA and allies were now deploying troops (“boots-on-ground”) after months of airstrikes on Afghanistan and were planning to invade Iraq due to suspected WMDs. In less than a year (May 2003) GW Bush would declare “Mission Accomplished”, after deposing leader Saddam Hussein and securing forces (and oilfields).

Meanwhile, Israeli tanks and warplanes would attack West Bank towns of Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem (and many, many more) in response to repeated suicide attacks by Palestinians (March 29–April 21).

Fast-growing newbie search engine, Google, would launch its News service, an automated algorithm that rounds up news articles from various websites and feeds them to its users straight, effectively bypassing (and) spelling the beginning of the end for mainstream print media.

Amazon launched Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provided data on website popularity, internet traffic patterns and other key statistics for marketers and developers – an effective tool for advertisers. Peer-to-peer file-sharing website Napster would be finally shut down after losing lawsuits over copyright infringement, only to be replaced by dozens of similar pirate sites, effectively decimating CD sales; ‘American Idol’ would reset the entire scene for the way music business was pitched to audiences; ‘Reality TV’ would reach the mainstream with shows like ‘The Osbornes’…

19 years ago… What were you doing? Were you around? Can you see any trends between the events in your life then and now as the lunations/eclipses repeat the same patterns, activating the same natal planets/houses?

Join us on the Cosmic Bus as we discuss the power of these eclipses; Jupiter in Pisces; Mercury Rx and much more. Thursday Night (USA)/Friday Morning 01:00 UTC – 18:00 PDT – 19:00 MDT – 20:00 CDT – 21:00 EDT – 11:00 AEST – 03:00 SAST

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  1. I am in a completely different place emotionally, physically and mentally than in 2002. No comparison. 🙂

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