URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Aries New Moon at 22°♈25′, Apr 12, 2021, 02:31 UTC

Since the fabled ‘fall of consciousness’, humanity has been plagued by a terrible scourge, a malignant parasite that attacks and enters the human ego through its chinks and weaknesses, assuming possession until it wears its diseased host down to a complete breakdown.

It is only after one thing, the soul…

Little does this parasite know that once the soul is liberated from its ego, that it is free to return back to the source. So, to ensure its energetic feed, this devious scourge seeks to secure its supply upon humanity by making deals, arranging contracts, drafting constitutions, thus assuring that all human descendants are drafted into its clever little scheme.

In astrological archetypes, this toxic agent is ruled under the domain of Pluto (Hades), whose claim to the underword is absolute and vast, and whose appetite and design to acquire human souls knows no moral or ethical bounds. All of humanity must contend with mortality, taxes, lust for power, money, sex, status and prestige. Using the ‘might makes right’ principles of the physical world, this level of engagement amounts to ghastly violations and abuses, as the entire human race is pitched to compete for survival in a playing field where separation, scarcity and highly conditional rules make life and its abundant streams of nurturance and love nearly insufferable.

In April of the year 2021 it would appear that, through the most dominant few egos – those so possessed by this deadly, dark agent – either through patrilineal laws of inheritance or by extreme conscription of their inherent greed for corporeal reward, this disease now governs the entire earth’s population of humans, casting a dire shadow on the future of all living beings.


I wonder, does my story makes any sense to you?
I wonder if you can see the subtext to your own personal story here.
I suspect that you are in one or another of two camps of observation, here, at the Aries lunation. If you are of the opinion that all of this is nonsense, then you are possibly well-endowed yourself and somewhat fearful of rumblings to remove you from your rightful dowries.

I am more inclined to suspect that you, reading this, realise – through the awakening to your own inner awareness – that something is afoot and it is time to turn the tide upon this soul-hungry egomaniacal force.

As you read this, you complete the relationship between my suspicions and your affirmation that this invisible scourge has been identified and we are now about to wage war. This is not a war of violence, although it may become so. This is not a war of hatred or fear, although those elements may be present. This is a war of light, pure unfiltered light beaming upon the shadows.

The earth’s Moon, barely a slither in her final moments before her synodic renewal – that matriarchal force that holds each terrestrial being in the warm glow of her caring embrace now aligns with the Sun – pure source of light, authority and conscious intelligence, radiating powerfully magnetic rays of love through his alignment to Venus. All these will soon become conjunct to Eris, an archetype possessed of a vast, savage rage for being excluded from taking part due to an awful sense of cosmic unfairness. All this is happening in Aries, now square to Pluto, who in the late degrees of Capricorn exemplifies the most malignant shades of executive, corporate, patriarchal power. Contact to the Nodes draws us all into a collective experience. Ruler of Aries, Mars, forms an assisting air trine with Jupiter. It is time….

Gripped by emotion, seized and possessed by a swathe of unhealed, hidden archetypal wounds, the Aries moon is about to be taken over by daemonic scorn, envy and revenge for all the neglect, betrayal, and trauma inflicted upon her and her children of the past.

The lunation ignites the feminine with compulsive rage, as if taken over by a whirlwind. Despite all efforts to contain and appease, she can no longer be convinced to take mercy upon the dying yet relentless stench of the patriarchal constructs. She will act out her animosity and destruction in the world.

The goddess flings a snake at her from her dark locks,
and plunges it into the breast, to her innermost heart, so that
maddened by the creature, she might trouble the whole palace.
Sliding between her clothing, and her polished breast,
it winds itself unfelt and unknown to the frenzied woman,
breathing its viperous breath: the powerful snake becomes her
twisted necklace of gold becomes the loop of her long ribbon,
knots itself in her hair, and roves slithering down her limbs.
And while at first the sickness, sinking within as liquid venom,
pervades her senses, and clasps her bones with fire.

(Virgil, Aeneid 7)

I’ll not say more, since I have covered this extensively in my weekly bus episodes, but this is not a war that we can choose to ignore or not to fight. This lunation is an urgent call to action for every self-aware individual – to step up and shine their light, however dim or bright, upon this darkness.

Should you choose to stay silent or ignorant for the sake of temporary safety or self-preservation, then your intention stands as nothing more than a pledge to keep enabling the master predators who are possessed by this scourge – those in positions of absolute power and authority, whose ‘cultured’ sophistication, highly educated wit; whose slick, stylish, sexy business suits and fancy-uniformed panache; whose refined tastes and classy offices in the highest towers and palaces of the capital are made respectable by all ‘high society’, yet secretly ooze their malignant, power-sucking sickness over all earth’s energetic resources in ways which can be deceptively impossible to see.

Whether you are possessed by this parasitic germ, work for someone who is, or simply subscribe diligently to one, you too are cast in the role of preserving the malignant disease administrating abuse upon humanity and this planet. By being involved, you are merely playing your role as your master’s handlers, servants, sycophants, enablers, fans and followers, and similarly, you remain complicit by simply remaining silent and looking away or feeling useless, powerless, assuming “what’s the point?”

What can you do? I think you know, but as usual, I have prepared a special horoscope reading for each of your signs, in case you need specific guidance. Sign in or sign up to access these empowering messages.

Blessings and may you have an amazing New Moon xx

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  1. Choose a side keep your vibration high one last hurtle ….then our work begins. Freedom Truth and Health Be the light We all came here for this Awakening:)

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