SUN conjunct ERIS: The Auspices of Strife & Discord

Oh Eris, Eris,
let them spare us,
from having Paris come in and compare us,
we know too well how he might declare us
“fittest, fairest”
which will only just tear us…

Just be mindful people, that in a matter of only a few years, the ‘scary’ experience of this epidemic (the lockdowns, the masks, the illnesses, deaths and vaccines) will be scantly be remembered as a distinct historical event (like, say a world war, moon landing, presidential assassination, etc).

However, the suppression of basic human values – free movement, travel and speech by the establishment of a one-world tech-order; the elimination of distinct nation-states and cultural identities; vanishing individualism, art, free enterprise and small business; the globalised automation of all industry; pervasive AI infrastructures that micro-monitor every aspect of life; – all measures being currently rolled out now under the guise of “better disease control”, will remain forever as an irrevocable part of the ‘human experience.’

Meanwhile, just under the surface, we still have to contend with the extreme impact on our physical survival by drastic climate change, the possibility of new infectious diseases, power-hungry nutjobs threatening thermonuclear war and greedy capitalists hoarding all remaining resources – all real likelihoods to wipe out all but a few specimens of current life on earth…

I will speak more about this on our next episode of ‘cosmic bus’ (stay tuned for updates)….

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