Reasoning with the Unreasonable

…and then you realise that trying to reason with hurricane season is only going to leave you feeling wrecked.

The art of understanding and dealing with the ‘unreasonable’ is probably the biggest lesson you will learn this year, and though you may be made to think it’s all your fault, learning to navigate around the minefield of, say, the twisted sisters and callous kellys who frequently make subtle or demeaning remarks, or say cutting things to you thinly disguised as “just a joke”; those barging bobs who don’t know the meaning of boundaries; those wiseguy joes who talk all over you; the dumb doras who just stare you blankly in the face, or laugh, or go all dead behind the eyes when you try to explain “how you feel”; the bullyboys the racists and the chauvinists; the conniving liars; the energy vampires who leave you feeling bad, sad, unsettled or feeling sick in the pit of your stomach; those gaslighting crazymakers, aka those who provoke you into acting crazy or unhinged and who delight in making you feel like there’s something wrong with YOU when they make you lose it, when really there is not; the slick snake-charmers who seem too good to be true but only hold ulterior motives, ahh… the list goes on…..

My point here is that you are going to have to learn to tiptoe through the tulips – minimize any engagement with these suckers; try to stay logical and clear; stay neutral in your responses; refuse to have a drink with them; keep it all about them until you can find the exit; don’t hang around hoping you can change them; don’t waste your breath trying to convert their point of view, and always create a diversion as you head directly to and out the door.

Reasoning with the unreasonable is ALWAYS a lose-lose situation, and we must keep in mind that there are still a lot of drones buzzing around, stuck in a whole different dimension of the fear-based ego, and it’s important that we elevate our consciousness and do a fly-by when we can, until we learn never to descend down to that level again.

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