In his depraved state of inner deadness, who’s he going to cast in his real-life drama to help play out that perverse, misguided, maladaptive way of trying to deal with his own suffering?

[image: Ivana Besevic]

With PLUTO/ERIS involved in this MER/MARS-NN square, the triggers of anger and expressions of rage/violence are merely an unconscious attempt to act-out, or re-enact our unhealed trauma via others in our world.

These may be personal, but they may also be projections onto the villains in our art, politics or news media.

The point-and-shoot (bang, bang, blame) method is the individual’s ritual memorialising of the scene of the original terror and trauma that still haunts his/her psyche, but with the roles reversed. That this is happening on the Nodes means we are all somehow embroiled in the carnage.

When we act out our unhealed abuse and trauma upon someone, we project, or rather induce in our victim the experience we had when we were traumatised, as if we are attempting to reduce them to the feeling which we are no longer able to feel ourselves.

Look at your unhealed traumas and wounds as a hidden subscript in your life story that is constantly trying to audition others to play out the deadened, missing part of yourself that was once traumatised, abused or vampirised.

Look deeper…

As the Full Moon approaches, a standoff between what one needs to make oneself happy and the emotional realities and suffering played out among the people in our surrounding world becomes more and more obvious. More on this in the coming days.

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