All I see is this: most people (my folks, your folks, all folks who’ve ever lived) have been played long enough – so long that even when you slap them with every evidence that they’ve been played, they simply refuse to accept it.

I sense that the truth is uncomfortable; confronting; requires effort to process. It’s always easier to deny and revert back to our fantasy bubble.

Few folks are actually interested in finding out what’s going on. It’s evident by the way our journalists are being treated around the world. There’s a widespread indifference to hear what’s really happening; for all the wholesale atrocities reportedly committed upon humanity, both upon our ancestors, our neighbours, even our kids – the crime, abuse, bloodshed, manipulation, lies, cover-ups, etc., we remain happily ignorant for some reason.

Are humans really so dumb, or have we been gaslighted into a system of utter spiritual entrapment? Is it simply that painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been played? I guess the only truth is that, once you forfeit your power to a fraudulent system, you can kiss it away forever.

I could be wrong…

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  1. I am totally gaslighted, acknowledged 🙂
    alone seems at least for now an not see solutions.
    I meditate
    Mindfulness helps and seeing with as little resistance as possible /plausible.

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