The complexity of this moment is such that it defies any attempt to make any succinct prediction. All we can do is merely speculate that when several bodies converge into a single meeting point, their seemingly ‘fated’ union will engender a greater entity, one which will be somewhat characteristic of the kind of portends ordained by the heavens.

AQUARIUS is about groups, it is about becoming the designated spokesperson who will deliver the news that the old and outdated must give way to the new; the young; the brilliant; the unusual and the innovative.

It is the perfect place to meet if you are tired of the crusty and forlorn diatribe dictated by the hackneyed establishment whose only remaining premise is to stop the younger generation from usurping the old kingdom. AQUARIUS is the meeting ground where the ‘Revolution In The Head’ becomes instantly awakened, excited by the harmonies in the voices of a new group.

Last time we had a stellium in AQUARIUS was in Feb 1962. Among many worldwide seminal events, it was the month a little-known group in Liverpool, England called the BEATLES began their management contract with Brian Epstein; used drummer, RINGO, to replace their usual guy (who happened to be sick), and were released from prior contract to record company Polydor.

The seemingly random fusion of energy around this 1962 AQUARIUS Satellitium would manifest into a real group – a band of undoubtedly electrifying individuals, identifiable by their singular ability to introduce unprecedented concepts into the nervous systems of the mainstream, spearheading an invasion of all kinds of radical thinking, that would unquestionably revolutionise all society and set the pace for all kinds of unshackling from the past holds.

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